Game On!




This page is dedicated to the efforts of several motorcycle enthusiasts who are members of the Two Wheel Texans online community, that have accepted the challenge to photograph every one of the Farm To Market (FM) and Ranch To Market (RM) roads in Texas.



To see the thread on the TWT site where this all started click here
I will try an put as much of the information and useful links an tips of the challenge on this page, an build subsequent pages to publish the pictures of the FM & RM roads.

The rules of the challenge are simple. 

  1. FM & RM Roads ONLY
  2. In sequential ASCENDING order.  FM 1, FM 2, FM 3, ect...
    • If two or more post the same picture, the one who posts it first and in the correct sequential order will get credit.
  3. Safely have your bike in the photo
    • Any part of the bike will do, it would be nice to see the entire bike, but it is understood that it is not always safe to dismount to take a picture.
  4. Each Photo can only be used once.
    • Photos are encouraged to be taken while traveling on the actual road itself.  Not at intersections showing multiple road signs.

Useful information that has been shared thus far by others participating in the challenge: 

  • User M38A1 provided a link to the TxDOT web page that lets you search all of the roads in Texas.  This has proven to be a big help in actually locating some of the less traveled FM & RM roads out there.  Here is the TxDOT link
  • Garmin MapSource Files

    • FM & RM Roads 1 - 50 - Link
    • FM & RM Roads 51 - 99 - Link
    • FM & RM Roads 100 - 149 - Link
  • GPS Exchange (GPX) Files

    • FM & RM Roads 1 - 50 - Link
    • FM & RM Roads 51 - 99 - Link
    • FM & RM Roads 100 - 149 - Link

Where The Roads Are....


Subpages (1): 1-99 Roads