Administrator's Calendar

An administrator's work is rarely complete!  This calendar of activities is a sample of things that should be completed throughout the year.  This calendar is a sample flow of activities for CTE Program Management.

  • Gather Information/Data for the Perkins Program Effectiveness Report (PER)
  • Join TEA CTE List Serve Go to 
  • Meet with PEIMS Coordinator for changes/updates
  • Submit the Nondiscrimination statement to Media outlets for publication prior to beginning of school year.
  • Plan next year’s CTE program budget; prior to local board budget meeting (Close out current year’s budget)
  • Review any Legislative activity/changes
  • Download new version Student Attendance Accounting Handbook- CTE Section 5
  • Review initial PEIMS Data Standards Code Table C022 for new courses listed-check for accuracy
  • Verify CTE teacher certification and teaching assignments
  • Review Master Schedule to ensure all CTE courses are properly coded and labeled.  (45 min+/class = CTE weighted funding)
  • Conduct New CTE Staff Orientation
  • Conduct CTE Staff Development for all CTE teachers
  • Set date for the 1st District CTE Advisory Committee meeting
  • Meet with Counselor(s) – Review Programs of Study, discuss impact of schedule changes for CTE students and endorsement plans.
  • Student Problems and Solutions written plans need to be on file within 15 school days of the student’s enrollment date to be eligible for CTE funding. 
  • Complete & Submit Perkins Grant application
  • Meet with Career Prep/Practicum teachers – Review program requirements.  *15 instructional days requirement for training plans to be completed
    • Career Prep is a Paid only experience!
    • Practicum can either be Paid or Unpaid experience!
  • Review ARD meeting schedule
    • Are appropriate CTE teachers attending?
    • Do all appropriate CTE teachers have copies of IEP’s for student as needed?
  • Meet with Business Office - Budget planning/process?
  • Meet with counselor(s) - review of class counts, monitor and adjust schedules as needed.
  • Host “CTE Open House” or “Meet the Teacher Night”
  • Follow through with existing or new CTSO’s advisor/sponsors - *FFA, FCCLA, HOSA, Skills USA, DECA
  • Collect a copy of all completed Career Prep & Practicum Training Plans
  • Coordinate the preliminary identification of CTE students as 1 or 2 for PEIMS 101 Record - Fall Snapshot
    • (PEIMS CTE Indicator Code)(CTE Fall Decision Chart)
  • Verify that all salary budget (PIC 22) coding on all CTE teachers is accurate, split fund if not teaching 100% CTE
  • Review and compare 1st 6 weeks Principals and Superintendents FTE report to in-house FTE report (attendance period)
  • Watch for PBMAS reports
  • Submit final PER and Expenditure reports
  • Begin preliminary planning for next year’s Course Catalog
  • Review preliminary PEIMS data from central office - PEIMS Coordinator
  • Request PEIMS 170 record report for courses and class counts
  • Meet with 7th - 8th counselors to plan - Career Interest/Aptitude Test
  • Host 1st Advisory Committee meeting
  • Review program’s budgets
  • PEIMS Snapshot date; usually last Friday in October
  • PBMAS Staging & Intervention
  • Prepare for CTE Education Week in February-order supplies
    • Reception for Counselors/breakfast for CTE teachers, Program “Student Open House” event.
  • Review and compare 2nd 6 weeks Principals and Superintendents FTE report to in-house FTE report.
  • Review department expenditures to date
  • PEIMS submissions
  • Review Near Final Summary of Finance report for previous school year (CTE FTE’s and Advanced FTS’s) $$$
  • Explore long range planning for capital expenses or potential bond
  • Finalize the process/paperwork for course CTE enrollment.
  • Recruitment plan for next school year’s pre-registration
  • Develop marketing/recruitment tool for next school year
  • Review and compare 3rd 6 weeks Principals and Superintendents FTE report to in-house report
  • Resolve 2nd semester schedule changes
  • Review new semester course offerings
  • Review WBL students PEIMS (170 record) data-job changes, new Training plan agreements?
  • Review activities for CTE Education Week
  • Provide input - District and Campus Improvement Plan
  • Begin pre-registration activities for HS students
  • CTE Education Week/Month Activities
  • Review budget expenditures to date
  • Review and compare 4th 6 weeks Principals and Superintendents FTE report in-house report
  • Begin pre-registration activities for Jr. High students -tour of CTE facilities, Open House event?
  • Conduct Interest/Aptitude assessment for 7th and 8th graders
  • Begin planning for annual CTE Program Evaluation
  • Host 2nd Advisory Committee meeting
  • Meet with teachers regarding course offerings for next year based on preregistration numbers
  • Review and compare 5th 6 weeks Principals and Superintendents FTE report to in-house report
  • Close Federal (Perkins) expenditures
  • Prepare for staff to attend summer professional development conferences
  • Conduct equipment inventory
  • Review final FTE report for estimated funding
  • Review district EOC assessment data specific to CTE students
  • Make yourself available to answer questions about the PEIMS 415 and PEIMS 410 records for course completers and attendance (only 2 weeks before the end of school)
  • Secure the number of students in certifications/licensures attained , tested, demographics (PER)
  • Coordinate and identify the number of CTE students as 2 (coherent sequence taker) for PEIMS Summer Snapshot.(PEIMS CTE Indicator Code)(CTE Summer Decision Chart)
  • Prepare final CTE Program report to Superintendent/School Board
  • Complete & Submit Perkins Grant Applicant Designation & Certificate (ADC) Form (Must be done or grant app will not open!)
  • Review and compare 6th 6 weeks Principals and Superintendents FTE report to in-house report