Window XP on tx2500z

By Agashka

It took me more then 12h to find all workings and most updated drivers for the Tx2500z, to save you this hassle, you can download my pack over here for free.

Thanks to everyone over, great crew, awesome support.
Special thanks to darionco for his custom ATI drivers & Quicklaunch buttons.


+++NEW VERSION 1.4+++ as of 18/09/2008

Drivers pack: 76MB (96mb extracted):DOWNLOAD
Software pack: 98MB (120mb extracted):DOWNLOAD

The drivers pack feature all drivers required, they are ready to be slipstreamed to a CD, or installed from within Windows.
-Fingerprint reader
-Sata driver (in it's own folder, it's the minimum required to install Windows XP on the tablet.)
         -> Both HP and Gigabyte (newer) are included.
-Wifi network
-Wired network
-Video - Thanks to darionco for his custom ATI drivers.
         -> version 8.8 , 8.7 and 8.6 included.
-Bluetooth (drivers only)
-CIR Drivers
-Quicklaunch Drivers

The Software pack contain everything in the driver only pack + the following softwares:
-Bluetooth software (48mb)
-Lightscribe software (8mb)
-Verisoft Access Manager (fingerprint) (23mb)
-Wacom Tablet software (14mb)
-AMD Processor Driver (3mb)
-QuickLaunch buttons (20mb)
-QuickPlay Buttons (1mb)


Some users reported BSOD when slipstreaming the video card drivers. I recommend you try with a rewritable CD/DVD, or slipstream everything but the video drivers.

Installation Softwares:

++AMD Processor Driver++
-> This is the Processor driver, you will need to install this to get some control over power management

-> This include the bluetooth software and the drivers.

-> I didn't personnaly test this, but I beleive it's to make the lightscribe media.
It's not necessary to install this, you still can burn CD's and DVD's without this.

++Verisoft Access Manager++
-> If your tx2500z does come with a fingerprint reader, you will need this.

-> This is the digitizer drivers & software. Solved my 'flickering' issue with the pen.

-> This program will enable you to be able to rotate your screen.

++Quickplay Buttons++
-> Simple program I wrote remap the quickPlay button actions to a file called HP.bat into windows directory. Quicklaunch must be installed


It's possible to install the drivers inside Windows, all you have to do is:
1. click "Start", right click on "My computer" select "Properties" then go to the "Hardware" Tab, and select "Device Manager"
2. Select a missing driver device, right click and select "Update Driver"
3. Select "Install from a list or specific location" then click "browse" and browse to the SLIPSTREAM2 folder.
4. Select Next and windows should automatically install the drivers. Repeat the process for all the missing device drivers. Restart your computer once this is completed. Go back to the "Device Manager"  to make sure everything was installed properly.


HP.bat let you reconfigure your DVD and Media Center buttons. You will find HP.bat into your Windows directory, right click and select open with notepad:

@echo off

IF %1==button1 GOTO button1
IF %1==button2 GOTO button2
goto end

goto end

goto end


You will need to change the two pause by a command of your choice; here are some examples:

%windir%\ehome\ehshell.exe                       //Launch Media Center
calc.exe                                                     //Opens the Windows Calculator
explorer.exe "C:\yourdoc"                           //Open a explorer to the specified path

You can remap the buttons to launch any programs.
I strongly recommend getting NirCMD. Lots of useful features:

nircmd.exe monitor off                                 //Turn off the screen.
nircmd.exe standby                                    //Put the PC in standby
nircmd.exe mutesysvolume 1                       //Mute volume
nircmd.exe wait 1000                                    //waits 1000ms then execute the next line.
nircmd.exe savescreenshot "c:\1.png"      //take a screenshot and saves it


-Added AMD CPU driver and Power Monitor software
-Moved the Fingerprint driver to the other folder.

-Modified the CPU drivers.
-Removed the Power Monitor, as it's not part of system functionality (only shows speed, nothing else)
-Added darionco's Custom ATI Drivers (thanks alot!!)
-Added Quicklaunch buttons software

-Added Unknown Device: CIR Drivers
-Added Unknown Device: HP Buttons (drivers only)
-Removed duplicate of Bluetooth Drivers (.inf file)
-Added Custom Software for QuickLaunch buttons (DVD and Media Center)

-Added tons of new drivers, alternatives ones.

Please check for support. I am not responsible for any problems caused by this, use at your own risk. I sold my tablet in May 2009 and do not support this anymore. Beside that, it's 2011, why are you still using Window XP :P

Edit 30/07/2011: Fixed lots of spelling mistakes.