FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2012

8:00- 8:30: Registration/ Breakfast

8:30- 8:45: Welcome- Dean Frederic White, Jill Smith, & Timothy Mulvaney

8:45- 9:45: Bob Keiter & Rachael Salcido Presentations and Panel Discussion

Robert Keiter- Climate Change and Wildfire Law/Policy
Rachael Salcido- The Tension Between Transparency and Public Appeasement in the Formulation of Wildfire Management Strategies and the Use of Wildfire as a Restoration Tool

9:45- 10:00: Coffee Break

10:00- 11:00: Jamie Colburn & Will Rice Presentations and Panel Discussion

Jamie Colburn- Local Government-Led “Adaptation” to Climate Disruption
Will Rice- Conflicting Judicial Rulings Over Whether Property Insurers Must Indemnify and Settle First- & Third-Party, Fire-Loss Claims: Some Implications for Wildfire Litigation in Texas’s and Federal Courts

11:00 - 11:15 Coffee Break

11:15- 12:15: Karen Bradshaw Schulz & John Echeverria Presentations and Panel Discussion
John Echeverria- Stopping and Starting Fires and the Takings Clause
Karen Bradshaw Schulz - Comparing Compensation Regimes for Property Losses Resulting from Natural Disaster

12:15-1:30: Lunch with Central Texas Wildfire Legal Response Team Co-Chairs,
David Courreges & Karin Crump

1:30- 2:45: Roundtable Discussion: Evolving Trends and the Future of Wildfire Law

CONCEPT & THEME: Building on the presentations given in the prior panels, participants will take part in a moderated roundtable discussion session in which they will be tasked with identifying evolving trends in wildfire law as well as commenting on the direction the law may be heading. In addition, participants will be presented with hypotheticals and questions on policy and cross-discipline issues related to wildfire prevention and management, government (public) and private property owners’ responsibilities, environmental and public safety concerns, and related issues. The goal of the roundtable is to generate a lively and productive discussion on the law and policy of wildfires to which all of the participants can contribute.

2:45- 3:00: Closing Remarks followed by a Reception in the Conference Center