The Bostonians in distress
For many people, the comics are the most important part of the newspaper.  They will skip right by the news, financial section and perhaps even the sports section.  If only there was a way to combine the two.  Wait... there is!  Political cartoons are an entertaining and informative method of expressing opinions and explaining information.  For years, teachers have welcomed newspapers into their classrooms, but they often focus on the front pages and discard the political cartoons. This is unfortunate, because political cartoons offer an amazing opportunity to introduce complex topics and viewpoints on an endless range of issues.  These cartoons also provide a wonderful opportunity to practice vital skills such as making inferences, recognizing bias and drawing conclusions based on evidence. Political cartoons have also been around for a very long time--making them vital records of historical events and opinions.  

This site is intended as an aid to help teachers introduce the basics of political cartoons to their middle or high school students.  It also contains a lesson focusing specifically on cartoons from the pre-Revolutionary War era.