Free Statistical Software

Estimation of Population or Community Parameters

Links to Multiple Programs

Specific Programs of Interest

MARK - analysis of data from marked animals (discrete time intervals)

CARE-3 - mark-recapture estimation of abundance (continuous time)

DISTANCE - density estimation from line and point transect surveys

General Software (including home range estimation)

Illinois Natural History Survey

Survey Design and Analysis

Wildlife Simulation Package (WiSP)
Visual Sampling Plan (VSP)

Generalized Random Tessellation Stratified (GRTS) Design/Spatially Balanced Sampling



RRQRR (similar to GRTS)


Program R - software environment for statistical computing and graphics

WinBUGS - Bayesian statistical modeling via Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC)

Python - interpreted object-oriented language for creating statistical (or other) applications

PopTools - MS Excel add-in that facilitates analysis of matrix population models and stochastic simulations.

ZIBSAS - SAS code to fit zero-inflated binomial (ZIB)/site occupancy models.

Trumpeter Swan