The Biometrics Working Group has three awards that they can give annually – Appreciation Award, Award of Excellence, and Special Recognition Award. These awards are for individuals or groups that have made a special contribution to the Biometrics Working Group or through the application of biometrics to wildlife management and research.

Appreciation Award

The Biometrics Working Group Appreciation Award recognizes a long-term or life-time achievement, or an exemplary short-term contribution by a Biometrics Working Group member on behalf of the Biometrics Working Group. This award can also be presented to a group of individuals not affiliated with the Biometrics Working Group that have made a significant sacrifice of their time, talents, financial resources, or energies by providing a direct service to the Biometrics Working Group.

Award of Excellence

The Biometric Working Group’s Award of Excellence recognizes an individual Biometrics Working Group member for their career-long contribution to the field of biometrics and the application of biometrics to the field of wildlife science and management.

Special Recognition Award

The Biometrics Working Group’s Special Recognition Award is meant to recognize a group or an individual that has made an outstanding contribution to the development and application of quantitative methods to the fields of wildlife science and management. A group may consist of multiple individuals who worked as a team, a governmental group or agency, a non-governmental group, a company, or a university department or departmental subsection. A non-wildlife oriented individual may be someone who made a significant impact on the fields of wildlife science and management in establishing, developing, or teaching quantitative methods.

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