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Having clubfeet is not the end of the world, you are not alone... There are lot of celebrities, TV personalities, those who excels in sports that are born with clubfeet.

Some of the Clubfoot celebrities are posted below :

Sports Personalities



Charles Woodsonis a famous American Football player who plays for the "Oakland Raiders"


Kristi Yanaguchi is a famous is a professional Figure skater, Kristi Yamaguchi's Club Foot was treated with serial manipulations/casting. Ms. Kristi Yamaguchi is the 1992 Olympic Figure Skating Gold Medalist


Mia Hamm was a member of the women soccer team, who won the Olympics in 1996


Miguel Riffo is a famous football player, who plays for "Torpedo Moscow"  


Troy Aikman, A role model in America, played American Football for the "Dallas Cowboys". Troy Aikman is now a presenter for the NFL. Troy Aikman's was born with what doctors call "Third Club Foot", Troy was in plaster till he was 8 months old, then he wore special shoes till he was 3 years old, since then he has not suffered from any form of Club Foot.  


TV Personalities

 Damon Wayans is most famous for staring in the American Comedy "My Wife And Kids, although he has been in a few films, Damon Wayans was born with Club Foot.


Dudley Moore was most famous for being a comedian, he also stared in several films, including "Arthur" in 1981.


Eric Richard is most famous for his role in the British ITV channels "The Bill" 


Famous People from the Past

George Gordon Byron, Also known as Lord Byron, was a famous romantic second generation poet. (1788 - 1824)


Sir Walter Scott
was a famous Scottish Novelist and poet, he wrote "The Atlanteans" (1771 - 1832) 


Thaddeus Stevens was a famous politician, elected in congress in 1848 1762 – 1868

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