(Life with Clubfoot)

Clubfoot is not caught in any of the several ultrasounds i had.. We were surprised at birth, CLUBFOOT is a whole new word to us...  Finding information and support are what we need at that time...Luckily, we are living in this era (2007) where technology is advanced and can be easily searched through internet...


We found out that giving birth to a clubfoot child is not the end of the World...Dr. Ignacio Ponseti gave us hope by introducing the non-surgical way of treating clubfoot - the Ponseti Method.


It is important for new parents to know that they are not alone in this, even if they had never heard of clubfoot prior to the diagnosis of their child nor birth of their child (as in my case).  It is estimated that one in a thousand children are born with clubfoot every year.


Clubfoot can be treated.  The difficult part is the finding "the right doctor" who practice Ponseti Method... The onus is always on the parents to know if their doctor is 100% practicing the Ponseti Method.