How to run

All of those steps are on Ubuntu 12.04.03 LTS with 3.8.0 kernel and my computer.

First - Get Steam:

1. Install Play on Linux app - from or by Software Center.
2. Start "Play on Linux" and click "Install button".
3. Search for "Steam" install, run and log in.

Second - Download game:

1. Download game.
2. Check files for integeration (in games properties).

Thrid - Install Wine version:
Most important, Total war games (from Empire to Rome 2) don't work good on new versions of Wine. We must use some older version.

1. In "Play on Linux" go to "Tools" and select "Manage Wine Version".

2. Install special version - 1.5.22-NapelonTotal-War, select Wine (x86) tab, even if you have 64 bit system.

3. After instalation go back to main, and configure Steam (actions box).
Choose version of wine:
  • 1.5.17 [recommended] 
  • or higher version of wine, which have some graphic issues on some configurations (such as my).

4. Close window and start game!