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Harvey Penick

Seve Ballesteros

Welcome PGA Tour members and potential new members.  

My Vision

 Our goal here is to take the TWO golfing experience to a new level, moving a few steps towards actual simulation and away from the arcade style of 400 yard drives and -28 scores.   Call it addition by subtraction... we take away all the EA club enhancements and leave you with Standard EA clubs and your swing trainer.  And your wits.   It's my feeling that this subtraction adds to the realism of playing on here, making TWO much more of a strategic game requiring thinking as opposed to the 'grip it n rip it' style we all play with our paid membership players.  We also subtract putt previews and other previews for all matches and tournaments.   While we will be using the putting grids initially, we will continue testing no-grid events over time and at some future point we may eliminate them all together.  We will experiment with Expert Aim as time goes on, and keep a close eye on new EA developments that might move us closer to a real sim experience as both TWO and our group evolves. 

Competition:  We welcome all skill levels into our Nationwide Tour level where you can build your skills and swing trainer, starting as a Level 1 EA rookie.  As you progress at your own pace, you will compete with similar skill levels until your hard work and success pays off with a promotion to the PGA Tour level.   At first we will be using the group Tourney program and compete as single players but we will also be introducing MP Tourneys where you must compete in a 3-some or 4-some to qualify.
As EA's TBMP format improves and more gaming options like Match Play are introduced, we will already be positioned to take advantage of them and incorporate them into our competition.
I must say that most of us feel that multi-player will offer the best experience in competing--  who wants to sink a 40 footer to eagle 18 when no one else can see it?!!?   Playing  TBMP or SimulPlay is not only more rewarding and fun, but also enhances the competitive experience while building a more cohesive group overall.  While we all want to win, I think it's fair to say we place an even higher value on having good relationships with our fellow group members where honor is the norm, not the exception.  When we come on here to get away from the daily grind, you want to come to an environment where you trust and are trusted, where you will greet and will be greeted, then go out on the course and try to beat your opponent's brains in!  Just like you do at your local course at home!  

If we could follow that with a round of beers and a gin rummy game, we might just have a very real golf experience here!

Welcome from 999tbone999 aka Seve_Ballesteros!

John Daly


Paul Broadhurst


Art Wall


A special thank you to William Willie Park Sr. (Takkara) and Nick Faldo (PurpleTurf)
who created the original website and group before releasing it for all to use

Also a thank you to our other admins that helped make this group great;
Kenny Venturi(Apophis Ascended), BobEJones(deanomd69), Lee Trevino(IckyJay)
and Glen Day(SCClockDr)