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There have been so many people that have thought we were completely mad and at the time quite frankly inexcusably jiggled. We knew then that what we were about to achieve would work. Were's the fun in doing the ordinary. For sure bath times will never be the same for these two guys.  So imagine making a binding commitment to do something with absolutely no idea how you are going do it. Two ordinary guys are about to achieve an extraordinary feat having only ever rowed around a boating lake before. With no prior knowledge or experience, the 2 man team of Scott Fitzer and Ian Gregory will row 140 miles down the River Thames not just in any old craft but amazingly in a bath tub. They will be rowing a colossal 8 hour marathon distance every day. It's a story of great endeavor, perserverence and imagination, redefining what it is possible to achieve.

What it’s really about is helping us achieve our main aim of raising oodles of cash for charity. We are in a privileged position to be able to do these things. Many wouldn't give a rubber duck for what we are doing, but you can help us in other ways, so join the crew, splash the cash and donate via one of our links. Every little you can share will make a difference to those less fortunate.  www.justgiving.com/twomeninatub for the Children within Dogs for the disabled & www.justgiving.com/twomeninatub2 for Macmillan Cancer Support or www.justgiving.com/twomeninatub3 for the Islay & Jura Sick Children's Fund.

As with so many adventures they are never achieved alone. We are so grateful to some many people who have contributed so much to making this possible. We’d like to acknowledge all our supporters and those that have donated to charity. Particularly to our friends at Storm Cats, who with out their amazing boat building skills this would not be possible. Former Olympic rowing Gold medalist Greg Searle who’s making his comeback for the 2012 Olympics has leant his support to Scott and Ian. Not sure Greg's prowess extends to bath tubs but having him as part of the team will spur us on.

Give us a 'plug' (we might need a few for the bath) and share the site with as many friends (or enemies) as you can. The ripples we cause will hopefully inspire many others. Thank you for your undying support, love, affection and laughter.

Learn more about our adventure and previous escapades on the pages on our site. We start on the 25th September - who knows when we'll finish !

Lessons learned....There's many lessons to be learned from such adventures....not least that skill and talent will get you so far, but only so far. Perseverance is the key above all other traits. When others have gone home long ago, put the phone down, said it can't be done, thought you were mad, made their excuses and thrown in the towel......there's always one who still believes, takes the knocks, gets up and starts again. These are the people who really inspire, so get them on your team. 

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