Peach&mint sparkling sangria

Ingredients :

1 bottle moscato(750ml)

1 bottle prosecco (750ml)

1 white or yellow peach, sliced

1 1/2 cup sliced grapes

2 large sprigs of mint 

Directions :

1. In a pitcher, add mint, peach, half of grapes and moscato. Let it sit in the fridge for at least 2 hours or over night.

2. While it's chilling, freeze rest of the sliced grapes for extra chill when you serve. Add frozen grapes and prosecco right before serving. 

*I use the "take out container cover method" when slicing large quantity of grapes. Put one cover right side, fill it up with grapes, cover it with another cover upside down, run a knife through in between covers while holding the top down, you'll be left with perfectly sliced grapes in no time!