Bionic Utility

The Water BUG is a revolutionary way to enhance your regular canoe, kayak and paddle board experience. Made with aluminum and ratchet straps, the device is powerful yet light-weight. Check-out how easy it is to set-up and tear-down. Then watch how people of all abilities and pets enjoy the many uses. $400 is for aluminum system. See the latest units  
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To order the $400 via PayPal plus UPS shipping $50 in the continental USA call: 612.386.3998 or email 

Water BUG is a new way to unite people and watercraft of all shapes and sizes.
Canoes, kayaks & stand-up paddle boards unite to become one craft.

Shown here with a canoe and stand-up paddle board on Lake Calhoun, Mpls.

Some fun uses!

YouTube Video

Set up is some straps and snaps!

YouTube Video

 20 holes receive 24 buttons for many adjustments. Set up is a snap!  Adjusts 98" to 50" wide   -  
9' to
 5' long, straps are 12' long.

 Canoes, kayaks, stand-up paddle boards unite to make one craft. Relax and enjoy with your friends of all ages and abilities!

The TwoCanoe is 29 pounds, powerful yet light-weight and very portable.

Complete system includes: 
6 high-grade adjustable aluminum beams
4 ratchet straps
1 heavy-duty extension
1 motor mount

To order call: 612.386.3998 or email 

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