Be The Inventor, TwoCanoe.

Uniting canoes, kayaks, paddle boards and people!
Made with aluminum & solid stainless buttons, these devices are powerful yet light-weight. 
Easy to set-up with flexible configurations. 
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Checks to Mark Holdridge, 4816 Columbus Ave. S. Minneapolis MN. 55417

Some fun uses!

More fun uses!! Newer Clamps.

 TwoCanoe BUGboat, ratchet n straps for kayaks, canoes & SUPs.

Please call before ordering.

Thank you!
Transom, four ratchets, straps, 4' legs,
two heads & two spines. 22 lbs

 TwoCanoe BUGboat with clamps,  
Fits almost every gunwale on canoes.
Transom, eight clamps, four 4' legs,
two heads & two spines. 24 lbs

Order Ala Part;
4' BUG Legs $28, 4' 4' BUG Spine Union $22, BUG Transom $60, 
BUG Head $40, BUG Ratchet Foot w Strap $14, Set of two BUG Clamps $25