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The WW2 series of games are designed to be an easy to learn game 
that can be played in under 2 hours by complete novices to wargaming. 
Experienced players should comfortably finish a solitaire game in about an hour.

What you get for your two bucks:-
The coverpage (right) which doubles as a setup guide
pages 2-5 are the rules
page 6 is the counters
the map is included as a separate file because it needs to be tabloid size

Warning for viewers of "Marco Wargamer" video reviews:-
This game ONLY covers the Race to Pusan during the opening weeks of the war.
There are no rules for things totally outside this limited scope such as Chinese units,
infiltration during winter, guerilla's etc.
Since the game ends well before the Inchon landings they are not covered either.