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The French and Indian War battlepack is Bill Molyneaux's conversion of our AWI ruleset to this earlier conflict. Although it is far more detailed than the AWI sets, especially the unit differentiation, it is still easy to learn.
Most of the 12 battles can be finished in under 2 hours regardless of your wargaming experience. Experienced players will comfortably finish most battles in under an hour.

What you get for your five bucks:-
pages 2-4 are the series rules
page 5 is a player reference sheet
pages 6-17 are the battle specific pages
page 18 is the counters
pages 19-30 has the various battle maps shown on the cover page

The battle scenarios included in this campaign pack are:-
Jumonville Glen
Fort Neccessity
Braddocks Defeat
The Mary Jemison raid
Lake George
Sideling Hill
Fort William Henry
Plains of Abraham
Sainte Foy
Bushy Run