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I have all of your games and have enjoyed playing them. These days the small footprint type games are on my table more often and yours fit the bill perfectly. - SG via email
Three Famous Battles #1
Senlac Hill (Hastings), Emperor Strikes (Waterloo) and Gettysburg

Great game series. great fun without too many rule sets - M P via WGD
The facist invasion of Yugoslavia and Greece, 1491 


Like the game system - quick, playable and enjoyable - Bob via email
Poland Betrayed
Nazi Germany invades Poland, 1939


AWI Northern Campaigns
9 battles of the early Revolution in the North 


           2nd Alemein
The turning point in the desert, October 1491 


Good value and good components. I'm not yet convinced by the combat rules - J Ward via WGD
The legend of Rommel and the Afrika Korps is born


  AWI Southern Campaign
9 battles of the early Revolution in the South 


12 battles from the French
  & Indian war 
Bill Molyneaux 
to complement his wonderful SFNF game


 Korea - race to Pusan
The first few weeks of the war when the communist North raced south towards Pusan

 AWI Other Battles
The 3rd set of 10 battles in the AWI series

12 battles from the war of 1812 by Bill Molyneaux using the FIW rules

An Australian convict rebellion using the Eureka Stockade rules

   AWI More Battles
The 4th set of 10 battles in the AWI series

The Battle of Brandywine using the AWI rules. Triple the size of a battlepack battle

    Struggle for Wake Island
Can the US Marines hold out on Wake Island  ?
by Bill Molyneaux


Refund etc policy
If you think the game you received wasn't worth the money, we will refund your money, no worries.
Please be fair about it though and don't ask for a refund in the dim distant future because we don't get the paypal fee back after something like 30 days. The paypal fee is about 50c if you bought a single $2 game, but not much more if you bought several games at the same time
If you lose your file, just tell us and we will send the original email out again