In an effort to assist students who may wish to enroll in an NCAA Division I or II institution in navigating the new initial eligibility requirements, the OHSAA is pleased to provide you these resources. These resources have been made available from the NCAA in order to reach out to you and your coaches so that students and parents have the information they need regarding these new standards.

Coaches and Athletic Administrators

· Eligibility Center Quick Reference Sheet- A complete breakdown of the NCAA Divisions I and II initial-eligibility standards.

· New Academic Requirements Document- This document discusses the new academic standards for student-athletes enrolling at a college or university on or after August 1, 2016.

· Initial-Eligibility Online Course- This free course is designed to educate coaches, parents, and counselors about the NCAA's initial-eligibility requirements. After completing the course, you will be more prepared to advise your student-athletes about the necessary steps to become certified to compete in NCAA Divisions I and II athletics.


· Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete- The Guide is a highly comprehensive tool, that has been designed to help you understand the NCAA initial-eligibility process and to prepare student-athletes for transitioning from high school to becoming an NCAA Division I or II student-athlete.

Prospective Student-Athletes

· Initial-Eligibility Brochure- A quick guide to the standards and steps that it takes to become an NCAA Division I or II student-athlete.

· 2012-13 Your Path to the Student-Athlete Experience Presentation (for Students)- A PPT for students and parents to provide insight into our process.
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