The Twitter for Teachers program was created by Eric Langhorst in 2015. While conducting research for his doctorate in Teacher Leadership from Walden University, Eric conducted research on how social studies teachers collaborate using Twitter, primarily edchats.

You may view Eric's complete dissertation "Social Studies Teachers' Use of Twitter and #edchats for Collaboration" online here.

Eric's research was consistent with existing research on the power of strong connections among teachers using Twitter and the benefits of collaborating with peers on content specific topics. An overwhelming percentage of teachers using Twitter responded that they consider themselves very tech literate and it is easy for them to learn how to use new technologies.  They also responded that they did not receive any formal type of training on how to use Twitter but rather just picked it up by a little observation and jumping in.

The project Eric selected to create as a result of his doctoral work was a professional development program that could help teachers learn the basics of using Twitter in a sequential format but on their own time.  Anyone can participate in this program at any time with no cost.  It is Eric's hope that these resources help both the individual teacher who may visit the site as well as potentially be used by a department or school to help an entire group of teachers become more comfortable with Twitter.

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Technical Aspects
  • The site was completed in March 2015 with edits and improvements to portions of the site as needed.

Picture of work station for recording the intro videos.