How To Subscribe

Easy way:  Click Here  (you will see a dialog asking you to confirm)
That's the same as clicking the button on the bottom right of the calendar which looks like this:

you can click this big button too...

Then proceed to STEP 3 to learn how to toggle display the calendar or set notifications

Harder way: (for you curious types) 
If you have never subscribed to a calendar you don't own, it's EASY (but still harder than clicking that button shown above):

STEP 1:  Go to Google Calendar 
on a web browser ( - not on a mobile device preferably)

STEP 2:  Go to "Other Calendars" (lower right of screen)
and in the text box that says "Add a friend's calendar", COPY/PASTE this crazy email address: >  and PRESS ENTER

NOTE - You can also click that little down arrow to the RIGHT of "Other calendars" and use the "Add a Friend's Calendar" option, which is the same thing, just using a bigger dialog box.

You should now see the Education Chats Calendar in your list of Other Calendars, with a color square to the right. Your calendar display should also now be FILLED with Education Chat events from that calendar in the same color as that square.

STEP 3:  Click the "Education Chat Calendar" 
to REMOVE DISPLAY of all those chats, and the colored square will go empty and all the chat events will disappear from view. 
Click it again and they will show up again.

STEP 4:  Click an event you care about
to see details about the event or to get some options for setting notifications. You'll either get a Pop-up or you'll be taken directly to the event details page. If you get the Pop-up, click the "More details" link to go to the event details page.

NOTE: We do NOT recommend copying entries to your calendar, as you will miss changes made to the original event.

STEP 5:  Set Notifications on the event
to get notified at some interval before the event starts.