One Place to Manage All Education-related chats!

3 ways to use the Twitter Chat Calendar

1 - Use the "Chat Calendar" pages on this site
    - using the timezone link that pertains to you (if you are in the US)

2 - Subscribe to the Google Calendar (CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE NOW)
    - to display the events in this calendar alongside your own calendar, using YOUR timezone.
    - To learn more about this, see HOW TO SUBSCRIBE

3 - Use the "Copy To My Calendar" feature 
    - to copy specific events to your calendar. 
    - disadvantage: changes to the original event will not be reflected in your copy of the event.

Do you host an education-related chat?
  • Check whether it is on the calendar yet
  • If it should be added, or needs to change, Request A Change
  • Things to include in your change request:
    • Schedule details so it appears correctly in the calendar
    • Host's twitter accounts
    • Link to any sites/pages relevant to the chat
    • Your email so we can contact you if issues arise

Got other ideas?
Let us know! Submit your comments or ideas using this form or ping us on twitter...

Ideas in the queue:
    • Let chat hosts modify their own chat events on the calendar
    • include non-twitter education chat schedules and PLN events.
    • Use invitations and invite lists on the calendar to show attendees
    • Let people register to be co-moderators of specific chat events
Use the "Request A Change" page to suggest ideas or changes!

This site uses Google Sheets and Google Sites - here's why:

Benefits of using a Calendar rather than a JUST a spreadsheet:
  1. People can view the chat calendar of events alongside their own calendar IN THEIR OWN TIMEZONE
  2. Specific people can be given edit access to specific events which they manage and run
  3. People who manage specific chat events can alter the schedule for a particular day when needed 
    • providing additional details such as the link to the agenda
    • changing the repeat schedule or the times on an ongoing basis
  4. People can copy specific events to their own calendar
  5. It's much easier on Calendar to specify and manage special schedules, like "first Monday of every month".
  6. When you visit the calendar, you immediately see events active TODAY.

Benefits of using a website along with a spreadsheet to manage the event data:
  1. The spreadsheet where all the chat events are managed can remain fully collaborative.
  2. The events from the spreadsheet can now be automatically synced to a Google Calendar using a "script". (overstated, as @jrochelle's script is not exactly robust enough to be run without his help yet - as of 12/10/2014)
  3. The website can have analytics so that we can see which pages are most useful and how often it is used.
  4. A single place now exists for people to request changes to the chat schedule.
  5. More information regarding the overall Education Chat Schedule can be communicated broadly.
  6. More information regarding specific chats can potentially be included here in the future - even if simply links to other sites.

The events on this site are managed by:

To request a change to the information on this site and the chat calendar, please use the 

See the CHART showing the number of chats per day and time slot