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This site covers the materials presented during my talk at
PHP Everywhere Convention featuring entitled
"Drupal +  Zend Studio:  Built web applications in minutes".

The talk aims to demonstrate to power of Drupal and Zend Studio in providing Rapid Application Development for web applications. 

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Post PHP Everywhere Conference Event Notes:

Thanks everyone for coming.

I'm sorry I was not able to complete the demo using Zend Studio due to a problem in my MySQL XAMPP  installation which didn't appear in my previous trials. Because of this I'll be posting the video of the demo rather than the live one soon, this is  to show why the IDE is important to achieve a 10 minute from scratch web application using Drupal -- it has something to do with how remote debugging features of the IDE helps a lot it when fixing a system as complex as Drupal.

Again sorry if the demo didn't go as you expected but as they say, things sometimes go wrong at the most crucial point and when you least expect it.



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