My complete collection by March 15, 2009
3x3x3 variants only  January 10, 2009 - complete collection: 100 more than in March!
Calendar cube
 25th anniversary 2005
original Rubik's Cube with Meffert tiles
Meffert 3 colours
Rubik's Studio from Cubikon
C4U DIY; Cubesmith textured tiles
DIY; Cubesmith smooth tiles;white Cubesmith Logo
C4U DIY; Cubesmith textured tiles;
C4U DIY; Cubesmith textured tiles; transparent
C4U DIY; Cubesmith Stickers; bright colours; red Cubesmith Logo;
C4U DIY; Cubesmith Stickers; light colours; white Cubesmith Logo
C4U DIY; Cubesmith Stickers; Standard colours; no Logo
Dian Sheng normal size
50 mm white
50 mm black
45 mm white
Sheng En
C4U no Logo black
C4U no Logo white
Cube from 80s; Cubesmith tiles
Memory from Istanbul - year 2000
cube from Ebay - gift for Waldemar
from 80s; Meffert smooth tiles; numbers for centre orientation
cheap cube from Ebay with tiles
Qubami standard colours
Speedcube Ultimate from Cubikon
Speedcube J from Cubikon
Speedcube from UK
Toys for all; handmade stickers
Edison Cube from Japan
cheap cubes from Amazon; gifts for children (or adults) - one went to Waldemar another one to Elisabeth
Meffert Siamese Cube
Meffert Bandaged Cube
from 80s; Siamese cube
Original Void Cube from Okamoto
Void Cube; Cubesmith textured tiles
Void Cube; C4U stickers;
Lanlan edge only