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New in 2012

 386 Dayan Gem IV
all 4 Dayan Gems
387 Master Kilominx by mf8 from hknowstore
 colour scheme is identical to Crazy Megaminx
388: Oskar's Treasure Chest (Gift Cube) from Jade Club
389: mf8 3x4x5; different design but they give credit to the original designer Tom van der Zanden (TomZ) see #250
size comparison; the original to the left has a more convenient size
I have chosen the same "old" colour scheme as Tom had chosen it for the original - white pposite blue; green opposite yellow
390: 2x2x2 keyring - gift from hknowstore
 391: Gear Pyraminx by Timur Evbatyrov from Meffert's
392: V-Cube 3x3x3 DIY from vcubes.com
DIY with torpedoes
393: V-Cube DIY pillowed
394: V-Cube preassembled
395: 1x2x2 from hknowstore
396: mf8 Mini 4x4x4 (60 mm)
397: Bandaged 3x3x3 in a transparent 2x2x2 (by Witeden) from hknowstore
398: Zhanchi in coloured plastic from hknowstore; blue centre is missing
399: Sudoku Ball from Mefferts (idea by Geert Hellings)
how it looked at arrival
my first solved state
Zhanchi: the missing blue centre has arrived 
400: yet another lucky number for TomZ's 30mm Pentultimate; unfortunately five pieces are broken
401: Pentahedron 3-layer; standard; from hknowstore
402: Pentahedron 5-layer circle; white is bandaged (1-face)
403: Pentahedron 5-layer; standard
404: Time Machine from SmaZ; another wonderful artwork from SmaZ
logically a bit similar to Vergo's Cube
405: TomZ's and Calvin's 4x4x6; very close to Tom's Shapeways version (from hknowstore)  
 the 30 mm Pentultimate with stickers from TomZ
 406: Witeden 3x3x3 Mixup Plus (from hknowstore)
407: Witeden Wormhole I (from hknowstore)
408: Burr Cube (from hknowstore)
409: Pentahedron Saturn - white face is bandaged (from hknowstore)
 410: second 30mm Pentultimate (long story why I have now two!)
complete colour scheme of the second Pentultimate; stickers from Olivér Nagy
two brothers; right is the first with stickers from Tom
 411: mf8 Petaminx (from hknowstore)
the mf8 Minx-Brothers
will I ever solve it again?
 412: 3x3x3 bandaged as a Fused Cube (from Lightake)
413: 2x3x4 by mf8 (ordered from hknowstore) ; now a 2x2x3 see #420
My three 2x3x4: Traiphum's, mf8, Garrett's from left to right 
 414: Mini Zhanchi (42 mm) from hknowstore
 415: two 3x3x3 fused (solved as a Fused Cube) from SmaZ
 size comparison with Mini ZhanChi
 416: Quarter Cube (Latch Cube II) by Okamoto&Haseda from hknowstore (each face has two states only)
 back view (grey opposite white)
 417: Square 1 from Calvin (hknowstore)
 opposite faces
 418: Square 2 by Dave Litwin & Calvin (from hknowstore)
 opposite faces
both together
419: Maru 4x4x4 ordered from Calvin (hknowstore) to get a second free 2x3x4 (see #420)
 420: second (free) 2x3x4; I swapped three split internal edges from the first (#413) to this one and it is now fully functional
421: Bubbloid 122 by Carl Hoff, tumbled by Brandon Enright
please see
422: Constrained Cube by TomZ / Calvin (180°) from hknowstore
backview at arrival
423: Constrained Cube Ultimate 
backview at arrival
 424: DIY bandaged 3x3x3 by Cubetwist from hknowstore
backview of the "big block" version. As Andreas Nortmann explained here, you can build 3.563 variants with the kit!
 3-slices backview
Bandaged 3 by Hidetoshi Takeji (made with the DIY)
The "Bandaged Cube" (Meffert's) or CT BICUBE (probably the name is incorrectly used) made with DIY
Meffert's original "Bandaged Cube" from 1999
according to Andreas Nortmann, this is the BiCube
 425: Diangsheng coloured plastic 5x5x5 - this puzzle actually arrived 2013-09-24
I have put it here to correct an error in my numbering scheme.
 426: Snow Mystery from hknowstore
 427: C4U 3x3x6 from hknowstore
 428: Master Pyraminx from Jade Club
 429: Dayan Megaminx
 430: Witeden Camouflafe 3x3x3
431: Keyring 2x2x2 gift from hknowstore
 432: Cube Twist AI 4x4x4 bandaged Cube
 433: mf8 2x3x4 (with repair kit)
 434: Hexaminx by Traiphum (mass-produced, handmade)
 435: Luke's Curvy Copter; looks and turns excellent after adjusting the screws
 436: Greg's Mini Master Pentultimate
I made an Unbandaged Helicopter Skewb (by TomZ) for my Australian friend Burgo; right is the Australian guest with cubesmith tiles, left is my own (regular)
437: Bauhinia Dodecahedron (or Rex) from mf8  
438: Slim 3x3x3 by Evgenij Grigo
439: Pillowed Master Pentultimate by Eric Vergo
 together with little brother from Gregoire Pfennig #436
my Pentultimate family with the Multidodecahedron
440: 4x5x6 Cuboid by Tom van der Zanden
441: Ghost Cube by Hungab (original by Adam G. Cowan)
#440 assembled and stickered in October 2014
442: Nautilus designed by Tim Selkirk produced by Meffert's
 443:  Super Star by Verypuzzle (Leslie Li)
stixkered with"12" colours