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New in 2011

315: Lanlan Master Skewb from hknowstore
Size comparison: Lanlan Master Skewb  a bit larger than the Meffert's Skewb
Custom Master Skewb  versus mass-produced Master Skewb
316: Rubik's Bank from Meffert's
Size Comparison with normal Rubik's Cube
Opens with permuted edges
317: Second mass-produced Lanlan Master Skewb - I'll keep it in its box for now 
318: Lanlan 4x4x4 Rhombic Dodecahedron from
319: 4x4x4 LanLan Top Magic Cube Black
320: mf8 Crazy Megaminx from Meffert's (type Earth)


size comparison of 4 Minxes
321: 2x3x4 fully functional by Garrett Ong (custom puzzle from Shapeways)
size is a bit smaller than Traiphums's 2x3x4


322: Ayi's 4x4x5 from hknowstore
identical size as 4x4x5 by Garrett Ong
  323: Mosaic Cube by Oskar van Deventer from Meffert's
324: Replacement for Mini Starminx #300 in 2010
325: Tuttminx from Verypuzzle.com designed by Lee Tutt; mass-produced by Leslie Le
326: Professor Pyraminx from Mefferts by Timur Evbatyrov
327: mf8 Gigaminx from Mefferts
New stickers from Olivér Nagy on Cube #306 Alpha V sealed
328: Dayan Gem II from hknowstore
 play with the flash
329: Dayan Lun Hui from Witeden with Cubesmith stickers small size
330: Master Face Turning Octahedron (MFTO) by Timur Evbatyrov fully 3D printed by Shapeways
a bit smaller than the prototype from November 2010 (Nr 294)
same size as the usual FTO
(e.g. Nr 278)
331: MF8 Vertex turning Dodecahedron (Dinominx)  name by mf8 = Starminx V1
size comparison with TomZ's Mini Starminx (which is a real Starminx V1) 
332: Dino Cylinder by SmaZ - mass-produced by mf8 - ordered via PM from SmaZ
333: second Dino Cylinder
(in German we call a multidigit number with all digits identical a "Schnapszahl" - a lucky number for this nice puzzle!)
334: Super 3x3x4 from Witeden; like a combination of a normal 3x3x4 and a Crazy 3x3x2 
 335: 3x3x6 from Witeden; fully functional - non proportional cubies
336: Mosaic twins have arrived from Meffert's on April  23rd; after a month I had clarified that they are a gift from Uwe
337: the black brother; this one got a ball core from Shapewas by Oskar
the twins
338: mf8  Legend from mf8 - original stickers, not bad but not the best
339: V-Cube 2x2x2 pillowed from Cubikon shop in Munich
340: V-Cube 2x2x2 from Cubikon shop in Munich
341: Mini Mixup Cube from Mike Armbrust
slices turn by 45 degrees
342: Super 3x3x5 by Witeden (one circle; shape shifting; similar to the 3x3x6)
343: Dayan Gem III from hknowstore
Gem I, II, III together
344: mf8 Helicopter Dodecahedron from hknowstore
345: Grimace 2 layer
346: Grimace 3 layer from hknowstore
toys for my granddaughters!
347: Witeden Super 3x3x3 (two circles)
there is some similarity with the Saturn Crazy planet
348: Crazy Regular from Meffert's - a normal Circle Cube; logically identical to a 3x3x3 Super Cube (with centre orientation)
scrambled it looks more impressing than an ordinary Super Cube; compare my Alpha Cube #229 at the right with stickers from Olivér
A 3x3x3 Super Cube with Pochmann stickers (very much different from the Witeden Super 3x3x3 #347
349: Zhan Chi from hknowstore - DIY kit; with original stickers; world record by Feliks Zemdegs
two logos to make it look different-
5.66 seconds on June 25th, 2011 at the Melbourne Winter Open
350: Alexander's Star from leopulga TP member (via ebay)
351: Dayan's Crazy Tetrahedron Mercury from hknowstore
352: Dayan's Crazy Tetrahedron Jupiter from hknowstore
353: Dayan's Crazy Tedrahedron Regular from Meffert's
the Regular scrambled - all four faces are unbandaged (0) circles
354: pillowed Pyraminx from Meffert's by Adam G. Cowan and Timur
355: pillowed 3x3 from Meffert's as sponsor of Feliks Zemdangs
356: Curvy Copter mass-produced ordered from Meffert's;
designed by Tom van der Zanden (TomZ)
together with the original; see #200
357: Crazy Megaminx Uranus from hknowstore by Dayan / mf8
 358: Super-X by TomZ (Shapeways)
359: Dino 3x3x3 by TomZ
360: Faceturning Octahedron by TomZ

361: 4x4x6 by TomZ

362: Curvy Copter mass-produced - free gift from TomZ
363: Fully proportional, fully functional 3x3x5; custom made by Christian B
compared with TomZ's 4x4x6
compared with the cubic, mass-produced C4you 3x3x5
    364: Dayan's Crazy 3x3x3 Plus Saturn from hknowstore -
coloured plastic due to sticker issues of the black version  - functionality beats beauty!  
365: Elite Skewb by Eric Vergo- 3D printed by Shapeways - #2 in two respects: my second from Eric and the second Elite Skewb ever made
366: Gearshift by Oskar - manufactured by Meffert's
can be pulled apart in three directions
 367: Witeden 3x3x9 Roadblock from Meffert's
368: Witeden 3x3x7 Roadblock from Meffert's 
369: Venus Cube by Evbeniy Grigoriev from Meffert's 
370: Witeden 3x3x9 from Meffert's
 371: Dayan Bermuda Cube Mercury
372: Dayan Bermuda Cube Venus
373: Dayan Bermuda Cube Earth
374: Dayan Bermuda Cube Mars
375: Dayan Bermuda Cube Jupiter
376: Dayan Bermuda Cube Saturn
377: Dayan Bermuda Cube Uranus
378: Dayan Bermuda Cube Neptune 
8 Bermuda planets from Meffert's
379: Ayi's 5x5x4 from hknowstore
380: Dino Cube mass-produced by mf8; design by SmaZ 
381: Void cubic 3x3x2 custom puzzle by RyanA
382: Face turning Starminx (Starminx V1) from mf8 /hknowstore
383: Dino Cube from SmaZ with the characteristic hollow stickers and signed by him! Thank you SmaZ
384: Classical Tuttminx by Leslie Le from hknowstore
together with its brother #325
385: TomZ's Multidodecahedron 3D printed by Shapeways; waiting for Christmas and stickers 
stickers arrived just before end of the year!
some different faces
last puzzle of 2011
71 puzzles in total