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New in 2010

 At the end of 2009 I had 176 puzzles. I'm counting up from there. One 3x3x3 cube was a gift to Waldemar and  1 to Julienne, 2 to Benni and Lena, 1  to Elisabeth, 1 Professor Cube to Norbert. Therefore I have to subtract 6 from the running number to get the correct count for my puzzle collection.    With # 276 (second Guhong) I've got 100 new puzzles in 2010! And I had 270 puuzles in my collection: September 13th, 2010
177: New Edition of Pyraminx Crystal from Uwe Meffert
178: Rainbow Cube from popbuying
179: 2x3x3 from popbuying
180: C4U Teraminx - as far as I now the first had been created by Andrew Cormier based on the V-Cube design
stickered with C4U and Dr Sticker
 181: Meffert's Flowerminx - originally built as "Kilominx" by Dave Litwin
182: Flowerminx black
the twins together
183: LANLAN 6 Axis Cube
New puzzles between mid January and mid February
 184: Black Axis Cuboctahedron from Josh B
185: Magic Octahedron - first casting by Cheese_Board
186: Golden Cube signed by Uwe Meffert and Tony Fisher
187: custom 1x2x3 from TomZ    
188: 3x3x5 from CubeForYou
189: Dayan Crazy 2x3x3 DIY from C4U
190: QJ 2x3x3 from C4U
191: DAYAN Crazy 2x3x3 from MF8
 192:  Dodecahedron (3x3x3) from Josh B
193: Fisher Cube black from Mefferts
C4U Teraminx scrambled
Three photos while solving
194; Cubie Chaos 1 from Tony Fisher - signed by him
195: Skewb - new edition from Uwe Meffert- fluorescent stickers - black
Package of 4 Puzzles from Mefferts
196: Skewb Diamond - new edition
197: Skewb - new edition from Uwe Meffert- fluorescent stickers - white
198: Skewb Ultimate new edition - fluorescent stickers
Earlier Skewb Cubes from Uwe Meffert - Skewb with tiles
199: Ghost Cube from Taylor Howell -originally 3D printed by Geert Hellings, one of the first two Ghost cubes, assembled by Geert one day before DCD 2008, stickers from Frank (flambore)
200: Curvy Copter - a wonderful piece of art from TomZ
he wrote:  I wonder if it will be there in time to be puzzle #200
He shipped it on March 5 and it arrived on March 10th
So it was fast enough to get # 200
Thanks Tom!
201: MF8 Teraminx with C4U Stickers
(a few from Dr Sticker)
Nice pattern of my Curvy Copter
other view of the same
done without jumbling
interesting: the pattern seems similar to those before
but this one needs jumbling!!
You see by the number of pictures of just a single puzzle how much I'm in love with it!
202: Guo Jia Diamond from Popbuying
203: 10cm 3x3x3 from Popbuying
comparison with an ordinary 3x3x3 size
204: Compy Cube by Jason Smith
205: Shim's Master Pyraminx (from Shapeways, handmade stickers) 
206: Dayan's Magic Octahedron from MF8 - came unstickered
207: Dayan's Magic Octahedron  from Witeden - identical to that of MF8, but it came with stickers 
208: Dayan's Crazy 2x3x3 from Witeden - glow in dark
209: Dayan's Crazy 2x3x3 from Witeden - black.
These 3 puzzles from Witeden have been very expensive,  because I had to pay $65 just for shipping + tax + handling at customs
210: Mini Maru Cube from dealextreme - from Hongkong to Germany in 2 weeks!
despite the ashes of Eyjafjallajökull in the air
211: second Mini Maru Cube
Mini Maru Cubes compared with Qubami
212: My second Rainbow Masterball (from Hendrik Haak)
213: Circus Masterball (from Hendrik Haak)
214: Crazy 3x3x3 designed by Daqing Bao (from MF8)
Mercury (white face is "bandaged")
215: Another masterpiece from TomZ: The Dino Skewb
 216: Cubic 3x3x7 DIY from Cube4You
217: Rubiks Ice Cube from rubiks.com
218: 30th anniversary wooden Cube from rubiks.com
219: Crazy 3x3x3 Neptune (white, orange, blue faces moving circles)
220: Valentine's heart from mf8
221: Mass-produced Trajber's Octahedron (to compare it with my custom version)
222: Greenhill Octahedron
223: Dodecahedron (to compare it with my custom version)
224: Half Truncated Cube by Pinoycuber27
225: "Confused Cushion Cube" by Pinoycuber27
226: Astral Cube by Pinoycuber27
227: Truncated 2x2x2  by Pinoycuber27
That has been a long waiting for the delivery from the Philippines
the four custom made cubes I've got from Pinoycuber27 on May 17th 2010
228: Haiyan type Alpha (type A)
229: I have no idea why I've got a second identical Alpha Cube
230: Master Skewb from Andrew Cormier (Drewseph)
signed by the master himself
Master Skewb and Dino Skewb sitting together
two great puzzles!!!
231: SSQ - Column produced by mf8; bought at Haiyan
232: SSQ - Star produced by mf8; bought at Haiyan
233: Gear Cube (Caution Cube) by Oskar van Deventer - Meffert's puzzle of the year
234: Svetnashki Puzzle (Russia) -small
Svetnashki Puzzle (Russia) - scrambled
235: Svetnashki Puzzle (Russia) - large
the larger looks much nicer
236: Minimis the minimalistic 2x2x1 by VeryWetPaint (from Shapeways)
237: WitEden's Jewel 3x3 Cube
238: Dayan's transparent Magic Octahedron    
239: Dayan's Jewel Cube (Truncated Octahedron)
Three puzzles from Witeden
240: 4x4x4 Trajber's Octahedron
241: 3-Layer Hexagonal Prism
242: 4-axis Dodecahedron (Super Skewb)
243: Rainbow Cube (gift from Nowstore)    
244: 3x3x3 Rhombohedron Cube White Body
245: Greenhill's Octahedron (duplicate ordered by mistake)
a parcel with 6 puzzles from Nowstore
the large ones compared with a normal 3x3x3
246: SUPER ALLOY METAL SILVER RUBIK MAGIC CUBE from octopusshop (via Ebay)
247: Floppy 2x3x3 by Oskar van Deventer - limited edition
248: 2x2x4 by Hidetoshi Takeji - signed and sent by the inventor
249: Scramble Cube (Superfloppy) by Okamoto - sent by Hidetoshi
250: 3x4x5 Cuboid by TomZ (Prototype) with Cubesmith tiles
My birthday gift 2010
251: MUSE Hexagon by Tony Fisher - sticker design by MUSE rock group
Tony calls it the Truncated Octahedron
Meffert's calls it the Skewb Hex
252: Vergo's Cube by Eric Vergo
a 2x2x2 combined with 12 beads per face
#4 !!!
253: second Gear Cube - to be restickered with Tony Fisher style stickers (from Dr Sticker)
with Tony Fisher style stickers (from Dr Sticker)
My two puzzles from Oskar
it looks even more dangerous now
 first (original) and new Gear Cube / Caution Cubes sitting together
254: Skewb Hex from Meffert's - see #251 above
255: Axis Cube by Adam G. Cowan - named Axel Cube at Mefferts
Axis Cube scrambled - pretty confusing
256: Skewb Ultimate - 12 colours; German vinyl - ordered February 12th, replacement received June 24th
257: Dayan-Guhong for speedcubing (remember, I'm not a speedcuber, but it turns excellent!)
ordered from Witeden
258: Super 2x2x4 from Witeden
259: Crazy 3x3x3 (Jupiter) - from Meffert's
260: Crazy 3x3x3 (Earth) from Meffert's -
my fourth Crazy 3x3x3 - any of these a new challenge
261: Unpillowed Master Pyramorphi(n)x
262: Black Axis Cube - designed by Adam G: Cowan - name at Meffert's: Axel Cube
263: Box Cube from Meffert's
264: aXe Cube - designed by John Lin
265: Skewb Kite - designed by Tony Fisher
My four "China puzzles" from Meffert's
266: Inverted Pyramid from Meffert's (4x4x4 Trajber's Octa)
267: 4x4x5 Cuboid by Garrett Ong
268: Black Helicopter Cube - designed by Adam G. Cowan from TheTwistyStore (Adam & Jason)
269: white twin brother
My three Copters
Tiles on my Master Skewb (the original stickers got pretty horrible bubbles)    
270: D-Ball Blue Earth from Tribox
271: D-Ball six colours from Tribox
272: Latchcube by Okamoto from Tribox
3 puzzles from Tribox in less than a week from Japan to Germany!
273: Mass produced Square-2 from Lightake    
274: Holey Skewb by Tony Fisher from Meffert's
275: My second Latchcube restickered with Cubesmith stickers and nowadays standard colour scheme
My two Latch Cubes by Okamoto from Tribox
276: Dayan Guhong with colored plastic pieces from Lightake
277: New MF8 4x4x4 from Witeden
best turning 4x4x4 ever!
278: Lanlan Face turning Octahedron from Witeden    
 279: Cheese Cube from Hknowstore 
280: Compy Skewb by Tom van der Zanden
281: Helicopter Skewb  by Tom van der Zanden
282: Curvy Copter II by Tom van der Zanden
My latest three puzzles from Tom have a nice company: Dino Skewb, the 3x4x5, Curvy Copter I, 2x2x3
283: 3 layer Spinning Top
284: Lanlan Flowercube from C4U(OK, I've ordered this one before I understood that it is probably KO and Meffert's has legitimized it.)
285: Rex Cube by Andrew Cormier from Meffert's
286: Shim's F-Skewb - the original one shown by Timur at the TP Forum
size comparison with a normal 3x3x3
two brothers
8 puzzles have arrived in 6 parcels on one day October 2nd
287: Pillowed Holey Skewb by Tony Fisher from Meffert's
288: Pillowed Skewb by Tony Fisher from Meffert's
289: Anisotropic Gear Cube = Gear Cube Extreme stickered as Gear Cube Ultimate by Oskar van Deventer from Meffert's - the stickered edges provide an additional challenge 
A single gear needs to be oriented - trust me that the rest of  the Cube is correct. The necessary algorithm is a bit lengthy!
290: Crazy 3x3x3 Plus from mf8 / Dayan - solid black - Saturn
291:  Crazy 3x3x3 Plus from mf8 / Dayan - solid black - Mars
Planets number 5 and 6
292: Crazy 4x4x4 Type III from Meffert's (by Dayan)   
    scrambled - the challenge is the same as for Type II
293: Mini Pentultimate by Tom van der Zanden (DIY from Shapeways)
not so Mini - compared with a normal 3x3x3, it stands 52 mm high
Pochmann Subercube stickers from Olivér Nagy on Alpha Cube (see 229 above)
294: Master Faceturning Octahedron by Timur (Shim) - today (November 29) the only one in the universe 
295: Crazy 3x3x3 Plus Uranus from Meffert's (by mf8 Dayan)
 296: Crazy 3x3x3 Plus Venus  from Meffert's (by mf8 Dayan) - the last in my collection of Crazy Plus
all 8 Crazy 3x3x3 Plus together
A simple permutation of the MFTO - hard enough given the current turning quality
297: Dayan's Gem Cube (from hknowstore)
298: Traiphum's custom 2x3x4
not fully functional: a 90 degree turn of the 2x4 face is not possible
but all layers turn by 180 degrees
299: Nice little metal Cube from Roxanne
Size comparison
300: Mini Starminx by Tom van der Zanden DIY from Shapeways
not yet sure about a possible production problem at Shapeways
with stickers from Olivér Nagy
301: Lanlan 4x4x4 Shape modification- they call it "Super Mask" - from Lightake
302: Lanlan 2x2x2 Dodecahedron from Lightake
303: Yongyun Green Apple from Lightake
304: Alpha V with stickers from Olivér Nagy (Escher Cube)
305: Dayan LingYun - ordered before the battle between Verdes and Dayan Guhong / LingYun
LingYun with Cubesmith stickers
306: Alpha V Cube -sealed
 Today, December 20, 2010, I have 300 puzzles in my collection (not counting my wooden puzzles)
As I have made gifts to friends and relatives, my count is 6 higher than that actual number of puzzles.
I have got 124 new puzzles in 2010.
My Christmas gift: 5 new puzzles to me, but I have them listed above at arrival time. My wife had them hidden until Christmas.
307: Jade Cube, see http://www.jadeclub.org/#
308: Jade Pyraminx
 309: Trignis / Vulcano by Timur Evbatyrov from Meffert's; it has arrived at Christmas Eve
310 and 311: The second set of Jade puzzles
312: Transparent Lanlan cube from Witeden
313: full coloured Guhong - ordered before the patent battle started
314: black Guhong
The last three puzzles have arrived today December 31st, 2010.
Wow, 138 new puzzles in 2010!!!
28 custom puzzles! 
#314 with Cubesmith tiles (light colour set)
#312 with transparent stickers