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Custom Puzzles

Trajber's Octahedron by David Calzone
Icosahedron by JoshB
Qubami (purple) by Kelvin Stott
Qubami (black) by Kelvin Stott
Qubami (transparent) by Kelvin Stott
mass-produced late 2014 see:
560: New Qubami #4 from Qubami.com arrived at New Year's Eve 2014
Complete Master Cube by Eitan
Draken by Volker
Dino Cube by SmaZ        
1x2x3 by TomZ (Shapeways)
Octahedron by Cheese_Board (now will_57)
Dodecahedron by Josh B
Axis Cuboctahedron by Josh B
Cubie Chaos by Tony Fisher
Ghost Cube from Taylor (made by Geert; stickers by Frank (flambore)) Here is Geert's story: "I had and have a lot of contacts with Adam Cowan about his (new) puzzles. That was also the case in 2008 when he had some new designs. One of those was the Ghost Cube. He sent me files in September or October 2008 and I had 2 sets of parts printed. I received those parts on Friday 17 October, the day before the DCD weekend in 2008.
On Friday evening Anthony Greenhill and I assembled the cubes which was kind of a 'puzzle' in itself since we had no additional information and also had parts from another puzzle. We didn't even have stickers yet when showing the puzzle at the DCD. Later on, I traded one sample with Taylor.
So, this puzzle is one of the 2 original first ones that were built."
Curvy Copter by TomZ (Shapeways)
Compy Cube by Jason Smith (Shapeways)
Timur's Master Pyraminx (Shapeways)
Dinos Skewb by Tom van der Zanden (Shapeways)
Half Trucated Cube by Pinoycuber27
Confused Pillow Cube  by Pinoycuber27
Astral Cube  by Pinoycuber27
Truncated 2x2x2 by Pinoycuber27 
Master Skewb by Andrew Cormier (Drewseph)
2x2x1 Minimis by VeryWetpaint (Shapeways)
Floppy 2x3x3 by Oskar van Deventer (Shapeways)
3x4x5 Cuboid by Tom van der Zanden (Shapeways)
Vergo's Cube by Eric Vergo (Shapeways)
4x4x5 by Garrett Ong (Shapeways)
Compy Skewb by Tom van der Zanden (Shapeways)
 Helicopter Skewb by Tom van der Zanden (Shapeways)
Curvy Copter II by Tom van der Zanden (Shapeways)
F-Skewb by Shim (Timur) (Shapeways)
Mini Pentultimate by Tom van der Zanden (Shapeways)
Master Faceturning Octahedron by Timur
Traiphum's 2x3x4 Cuboid
Mini Starminx by Tom van der Zanden (Shapeways)
Master FTO by Timur Evbatyrov (3D printed by Shapeways)
Mini Mixup Cube by Mike Armbrust (Shapeways)
Super-X by Tom van der Zanden (Shapeways)
Dino 3x3x3 by Tom van der Zanden (Shapeways)
Master Face Turning Octahedron by Tom van der Zanden (Shapeways)
4x4x6 by Tom van der Zanden (Shapeways)
proportional 3x3x5 by Christian B
Elite Skewb by Eric Vergo (Shapeways)
Void cubic 3x3x2 by RyanA
Multi-Dodecahedron by TomZ (Shapeways)
 30 mm Pentultimate by TomZ  (Shapeways)
 second 30 mm Pentultimate (stickers from Olivér) (Shapeways)
Traiphum's Hexaminx
 Luke's Curvy Copter Skewb (Shapeways)
 Greg's Mini Master Pentultimate (Shapeways)
Evgenij Grigoriev's Slim 3x3x3 (Shapeways)
Pillowed Master Pentultimate by Eric Vergo (Shapeways)
4x5x6 by Tom van der Zanden (Shapeways)
 Hungab's Ghost Cube
 Traiphum's handmade Megamorphix
 Hungab's Hexagonal Dipyramid
Face Turning Rhombic Dodecahedron by David Pitcher; built by my Australian friend Burgo
 Extended Ultimate Skewb built by Andreas Nortmann
 4x4x4 Dodecahedron designed and 3D-printed (extensions) by Claus Wenicker

Locked Blocks by Tony Fisher (bought at DCD 33rd)
495: Evil Mask handmade by Yvette (Kattenvriendin)

512: Elemental Neon from David Litwin (#104) - April 10th
 519: Super 2x2x2 handmade by gr_cubed
 525: Praxis Cube hand made by cublem (originally designed by Andrew Cormier) - a Rex Cube with a different axis System; see post by cublem
526: 4x6x8 by Jeremy Isenburg
built by the designer
530: PAW Pentultimate 40 mm design by Eric Vergo; tumbled sent with the signed stickers by Brandon Enright
 537: Multi Skewb idea by Brandon Enright; design by Grégoire Pfennig; tumbled by Brandon
 #440 4x5x6 by TomZ assembled and stickered in October 2014
543: Super 2x2x2 handmade by gr_cubed; see #519
 547: Real Cornerless Cube cast by cublem
 548: Large Icosaminx  cast by cublem
560: New Qubami #4 from Qubami.com arrived at New Year's Eve 2014
 569: Truncated CubeOctahedron by Claus Wenicker - bought at German Cube Day 2015 from Claus
 575: Icosahedron Impossiball made by Dave Litwin
580: Halfminx by Rex Rossano Perez

588: Trajber Octahedron from David G. (Kickflip1993)
589: Beta Cube cast by cublem (Hung Nguyen) from Zoneden 

591: Double Circle Real 5x5x5 by Carl Hoff tumbled by Brandon Enright

606: Ter's 3-cylinder 2x2x2
 607: AI Megamorphix by gr_cubed
608: Super Truncated Curvy Copter III by chewbacca
613: Half Cube by Nikolaos Liapis (gr_cubed)
628: Vega Minx by LeRaf
629: Michael's Corona Cube made by chewbacca