I've got my first Rubik's cube back in 1979. Here is the story of my original solution.
You can say that I'm a grandpa of the puzzle freaks (more friendly: the "doyen") regarding Rubik's cube and relatives.
I have collected what I could buy in the German toy shops in the early 80s.
In the late 90s I have recognized that the CUBE had survived in the Internet.
I ordered everything I could get, mainly from Uwe Meffert.
The year 2009 has been a great year for new puzzles and I could add a few custom made puzzles, too.
Since I have become a member of twistypuzzles.com, my wife considers me a complete addict.
Sadly, I do not know personally anybody who shares my interest in this hobby (but I've taught my wife the 3x3x3).
Therefore, the forum at  twistypuzzles.com is the only place to meet similar puzzle freaks
In March 2009 I had owned 77 puzzles.  At the end of 2009 I had 176 twisty puzzles in my collection  and I was counting 73 different "challenges".
I define "different challenge" as a puzzle that has a different solution or where shape shifting adds considerable confusion.
E.g. the Morphegg has a 3x3x3 mechanism but is essentially much harder to solve than an ordinary 3x3x3.
(On the other hand I count easier to solve relatives as different as well: E.g. a 2x2x1 is much easier than a 3x3x1. Still, I view them as different.)
Update February 20, 2010: 186 puzzles / 82 challenges.
Update February 27, 2010: 191 puzzles / 83 challenges
Update March 20, 2010: 194 puzzles / 85 challenges
Update May 24, 2010: 227 puzzles / 101 challenges
Update August 20, 2010: 266 puzzles / 127 challenges
Update November 20, 2010 286 puzzles / 137 challenges (current count at 292)
Update end of March 2011, 321 puzzles / 156 challenges (current count at 327)
Update October 20, 2011, 363 puzzles / 182 challenges (current count at 369)
Update August 21, 2012, 412 puzzles /208 challenges (current count at 418)
Update September 21, 2013, 475 puzzles /247 challenges (current count at 481)
Update July 11th, 2015, 573 puzzles /305 challenges (current count at 579)

I'll buy new puzzles only if I have solved everything I own so far.
You can say that I'm  collecting new challenges AND pleasant variants of the puzzles I have in my collection already.
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