A place to post things that I think of and other matters of interest.

I suppose it's prose

Serious stuff

Spoof stories

Badly Photoshopped pictures

Drawings, Paintings etc

Matt Hatton and what his brain tells him to do

Well here it is, this is my site, under construction and a work in progress.

On the left is a bunch of links to my various creative works,
have a look through that lot while I work out how to make pretty links with pictures.

It's prose I suppose
being a collection of amusing writing for your edutainment.

My Art Works 
Real paintings and drawings, not made on a computer.

Twists & Terms
A piece I wrote regarding similarities between the ancient symbol Caduceus and the structure of DNA.

Spoof News
Spoof news stories that I have written, mostly based on real news stories that you may remember.

Visual gags 
Badly Photo-shopped movie poster mash ups and the like.

Videos I have made
A collection of videos that I have edited or made from scratch

This is a picture of me that was jigged
around with by Charmaine Dennes, she is very talented.

My funny news stories on The Spoof.

My Blog Page