Matt Hatton and what his brain tells him to do

Well here it is, this is my site, under construction and a work in progress.

On the left is a bunch of links to my various creative works,
have a look through that lot while I work out how to make pretty links with pictures.

It's prose I suppose
being a collection of amusing writing for your edutainment.

My Art Works 
Real paintings and drawings, not made on a computer.

Twists & Terms
A piece I wrote regarding similarities between the ancient symbol Caduceus and the structure of DNA.

Spoof News
Spoof news stories that I have written, mostly based on real news stories that you may remember.

Visual gags 
Badly Photo-shopped movie poster mash ups and the like.

Videos I have made
A collection of videos that I have edited or made from scratch

This is a picture of me that was jigged
around with by Charmaine Dennes, she is very talented.

Amusing writing on The Spoof website

My Blog Page