twistermc's Googlie Home Page

Just checkin' out the features and coolness.  That is if there is any. 

My Interesting Projects

Chicklet Creator

Create feed subscription buttons for your blog.  Simple, easy and useful!

Social Bookmark Creator

Help others link to your site, give them easy access to adding your blog posts to their social bookmark sites.   Ahh yes, spreading the link love; sort of.

iPox Firefox Theme 

I'm working on a theme for Firefox.  Loosley based an iPod but mostly based on the idea that it should be easy on the eyes and good lookin'. 

 Hey!  This is Thomas aka TwisterMc and I'm just checking out what Google has to offer here.  Free home pages, who'd a thunk it?

So far it seems better than Geocities, but I haven't tried that in years.  Quick and easy and ready to go!!

So, does my 5 minute page look good?  I think so.

Update: Nope. After how many years, I should come back and update this.