About us

We are a small woodworking shop that recently decided to enter the Internet world.  Our projects are sometimes whimisical, sometimes serious, but always nice to look at.  Much of our work is custom-made projects requested by our clients.  Given the nature of wood, each project is unique.  We enjoy what we do and put significant time, effort and care into each item.
As one woodworker said, "Our job as woodturners is to honor the tree."  With that in mind, we make every effort to buy salvaged and responsibly forested woods.  In woodworking, you will, at some time, purchase wood that was harvested solely for the purpose of lumber.  We avoid that when possible and prefer suppliers who have the same respect for the beauty of trees.
For example, many of our suppliers are arborists who save wood from the chipper.  Another seller salvages beautiful and exotic wood from burn piles on Laotian building and government project sites.  Much of our mahogany comes from  cut-offs thrown in a custom gate builder's dump trailer.  Some of our wood comes from replanted orchards and storm fall trees.  Through our efforts, and those of our suppliers, wood destined to rot or burn is given new life as a beautiful and functional piece of art.
Many of our projects are small, which enables us to avoid wood harvested for lumber.  As the pieces get smaller, so do the projects.  When a piece is too small for a single project, we glue it together with other small pieces to make 'segmented' items.  Even our chips and sawdust are used as animal bedding and compost.  We throw out very little.
Let us create something beautiful for you that honors the tree and may last much longer than the tree ever could.