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Canes & walking sticks

All canes and walking sticks will be made after ordering.  This is necessary to accomodate the size and comfort of the final user.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for completion, depending upon complexity and finish. 
There are a number of websites that will provide information regarding the proper methods to measure a person for a walking stick or cane.  If you cannot find the information, feel free to ask us.  Canes for people with medical or mobility issues should be the same size as currently in use or measurements obtained from a doctor or therapist.  Unless otherwise requested, we will ship canes 1/4 to 1/2" long; you can always cut off excess wood, but adding it is rather hard. 
Our walking sticks and canes are intended for use.  While they are decorative, they are also solid and/or reinforced at stress points.  The bodies of our sticks and canes are generally 7/8" to 1 1/4" in diameter, and can be larger or smaller on request.  All of our walking sticks and canes will support 250 pounds.  Please inform us at the time of order if your final user exceeds that weight. 
Black rubber tips are standard on canes and walking sticks.  White rubber tips may also be available, depending upon size.  Walking stick tips with concealed spikes for rough terrain are also available.  They are comparatively much more expensive than rubber tips.
The bodies of walking sticks will be in 2-3 segments due to length.  Canes bodies can be one piece or segmented, at your request.  However, canes for people taller the 6'3" may need to be segmented.
Each cane or walking stick will be priced at time of order.  A basic one piece cane with simple handle will usually cost about $50.  Most canes will cost between $75 and $150.  A basic walking stick will cost about $60.  Most walking sticks will also range from $75 to $150.  For all practical purposes there is no price cap; we can be as fancy or plain as you wish.  The his and her set of walking sticks below sold for over $300 (set), with braided leather wrist straps, customized initial medallions, grip cut handles, spike tips and exotic woods.  The cane shown below sold for just over $100, with a layered, reinforced Corian® and wood handle, exotic woods and leather wrist strap (not shown).  This is a very stout, good-looking cane, yet 'soft' to the touch.
HIS AND HERS walking sticks.  hers-purpleheart, black walnut, ash, sycamore, red oak and mahogany, braided leather wrist strap with

corian® ring and bead.  HIS-mekong tulipwood, black walnut , ash, sycamore, red oak, mahogany, with braided leather wrist strap with lignum vitae ring and bead. (sold)  The couple using this set is 6'6" (his walking stick) and 5'10" (hers).

 will take special orders. 


walking cane. handle is black walnut (shown) and mahogany, with two colors of

corian®. connector ring is lignum vitae. cane body is goncalo alves, maple, mahogany and red oak. (sold) will take special orders.  The woman using this cane is 5'6" tall.