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Shredded Wheat Pen

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designer twist pen in rubberized matte black finish.  pen body is curshed Shredded Wheat® in black acrylic $$30.-$35. ea.

slim red palm $15. ea.

slim apricot set (est.) $35. set


corian® slim red, white & blue w/flag $30. ea. 

cigar twist pen in satin pearl finish. pen body is cholla cactus with acrylic inlay. $75. ea.

 guardian jr. click pen in chrome finish.  pen body is buckeye burl with lapis lazuli inley.

cigar twist pen and pencil set in 24k gold finish. pen bodies are coffee beans in white acrylic $55. set(sold) special orders taken




Corian® pen display
pens are left to right:  corian® patriotic pen $45. ea.(red, white and blue: first and last two pens) aboyna burl $50. ea., black persimmon $45. ea., mun ebony $35. ea., bamboo pen and pencil set $45. set(sold), osage orange $45. ea., buckeye burl w/acrylic inlay$40. ea., designer plum $30. ea. and spalted maple $40. ea.