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A little on the gourds' creative process...

Many cultures have used gourds in one form or another dating back thousands of years, and most believe that the gourd possesses magical properties.

The texture of a gourd when cured (dried) is like that of wood, making them very versatile. Although they have many uses, a few include: vessels, musical instruments, ceremonial masks, and bowls.

A gourd has to be cured and cleaned before it can be designed. The curing process starts after the harvest and can take up to twelve months.


Once the gourds are completely cured the outer shells will be scrubbed clean and ready for designing. In some cases, the gourd will be cut open at which time the inside of the shell must be cleaned, scraped and sealed.


All of my artwork starts with free-hand pencil drawings that are roughed in.  Each design is then meticulously burned into the shell using the ancient art of Pyrography.


While most of my pieces are left with the natural color of of gourd to act as a background for the artwork, some gourds are enhanced with color.  To bring out the spiritual emotions that make up my artwork I combine brilliant, intricate color, strong composition, movement, depth and rhythm.  I use many different mediums, sometimes combined, to achieve this which include; leather dye, colored pencils, watercolor, acrylics, and pigmented inks.

Enjoy the magic!