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Welcome to my world!

Where gourds, rocks, and wood are used to create beautiful and unique art pieces.

On the pages within my website, blog, and my shops, you will see that the surface of a gourd can be manipulated in many exciting ways!  No matter what your preferred medium is, chances are, you would be able to apply it to a gourd.

They can be burned, etched, painted, stained, dyed, carved, inlayed and embellished with as many different things as your heart desires.  They truly are an artist's dream canvas.

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Some of the things you will 
find in my website gallery include:
Gourds:  Vases, bowls, masks, and miniature vessels.
My website is being given a fresh new look!  Because this is a slow process, some of the pages will have the older banner and page color. 

Artwork on this website may not be copied or reproduced in any format without express written permission from the artist.