Twisted Sailing

6/9... The Delta Ditch Run..

Last Saturday the Twisted crew, Tony, Mike, Patrick, Paul, Fish, Scotty, M, Andy, and Dominic did the 67 mile Delta Ditch Run. This race from Richmond to Stockton should be on everybody's must do list. Starting in San Francisco bay and winding it's way up the increasingly narrow San Joaquin river to finish up in sunny and hot Stockton. 

This time armed with our newly PHRF legal masthead kites we powered our way from the second start behind the ultra-lights into the lead pack early on. Behind Scotty's local knowledge of the Carquinez Straits and Suisuin Bay we were soon the second place mono-hull as we entered the Delta proper. 

We never did catch the Melges 32, driven hard by a multiple Ditch Run winner, but Twisted finished as the second mono-hull with an elapsed time about 90 seconds less than the first to finish Melges. 

A pretty cool view of our course track can be seen here.. If you play around with it a little you can zoom in and count the number of gybes we did. 

5/29... Twisted finishes third in first ocean race..

Twisted's first ocean race, the 88 mile "Spinnaker Cup" is in the books. Sailing in the 16 boat PHRO1A division we corrected out to third place after leading our division into Monterrey. Unable to use our mast head kites due to a snafu with the local rating office we used the race as much as shakedown cruise as much as anything.

Mike and Patrick got us a great start and we led the fleet out under the Golden Gate Bridge. Going upwind in the earlier part of the race we actually sailed into the tail enders of the PHRO 0 fleet before the wind came aft and we finally got the spinnaker up. 

Although we had less wind than hoped, and handicapped
 by the lack of horsepower in the fractional kites we stuck to an outside course and held the breeze all the way to finish right at midnight. 

Twisted came through with flying colors, a great testament to Paul's boat prep job,and even though the race might have been a little boring. What, with only one set and two gybes, it should be considered an ideal shakedown cruise and bodes well for future fun.

5/27... Twisted goes sailing..
The boat has been in the water for a little over a week now and we have sailed her a couple of times, we even managed to get a little racing in. 

The first race was the Island Yacht Club Friday night race. Since this was the first time out for the boat we took it pretty easy and just enjoyed the the fact that we were finally out sailing. Still we managed to set two spinnakers, and a code zero type headsail in a one hour beer can race. Many friends and family were onboa
rd for this first sail, including America's Cup superstar tender driver Will Benedict who graced us with his presence. 

Thanks again to Paul who did a great job putting the boat together. So far everything has worked perfectly. Hopefully we will get some pictures up as well as a report from the Spinnaker Cup up soon.

Twisted Sailing is on the way!
4/27 - OK.  Here isa scoop.  After a very long delay, the boat finally left Detroit on Saturday, run into a head wind and is set to arrive Tuesday, 4/28 at Svens.  We cleaned out a big storage locker in Alameda fr all the sails and by sometime late this week, should have a firmer grasp on when the boat will actually hit the water.  Tentative plans are for Spinny Cup.

3/26/09 - Tony spoke to the marina and shipping company today and the plan has gotton a whole lot firmer.  Looks like the boat comes out of the shed on April 1st and heads west s
hortly there after.  SHould arrive here mid APril and with decent turn around on the prep work (Go Paul!!!) we should be sailing to Vallejo. 

Time to spin up the Twisted Crew!

1/14/09 - We got word from Norm today that the contract is sign, money has changed hands and we have a deal!  Still 100+ days until Twisted hits the water, but its official - we are boat owners again!

Anyone want to buy a lightly used Moore 24?

12/15/08 - We have reached agreement to buy a boat out of detroit know at Vitrix.  It previously raced  in Chicago as Morrigan.  The boat has lived a sheltered life, never traveling and spending each winter in a heated sh
ed.  Decks are redone and shes quite clean.  She also arrives with a couple mast head kites which are now standard on Farr 40's plus a code zero to help with the ocean racing we plan to do.                .

The bad new - she's in a heated shed in Detroit, tucked in for the winter and doesn't get to come out for her trip west until early April.  With any luck, we should be sailing sometime in the first half of May.

See attachments for photos Norm took on a trip to lovely Detroit to give her a look for us.

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Dec 21, 2008, 6:45 PM
Mike DeVries,
Dec 21, 2008, 6:50 PM