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Twin Trunks Tea Company is founded on the principle that the wildlife and enterprise can provide benefits for endangered wildlife as well as for people. Selling certified Wildlife Friendly products 
provides a unique market niche for companies like ours that want to do good for the planet while sustaining our business. As an authorized seller of products certified under the Elephant FriendlyTM Tea program we give back to elephant conservation on the ground every time our customers make a purchase. We support farmers who are on the front lines of conservation for endangered species, meeting the stringent standards of certification under the Elephant FriendlyTM Tea program.  The authorized use of the Certified Elephant FriendlyTM logo guarantees that products are sources from certified Elephant FriendlyTM tea plantations. Our company is one of the first to join in support of this program, and we are proud to be an authorized dealer of Elephant FriendlyTM Tea and other Certified Wildlife FriendlyTM products. 

The companies we supply will be promoting the certification process and supporting it through purchases. Eventually we would like to see every farm certified, but for now this certification has a limited availability and a huge demand.

Sourcing our tea from the first Certified Elephant FriendlyTM plantations in the world, we introduce two premium high-quality tea products from the foothills of the Himalayas in the state of Assam in northeast India, grown pesticide-free and hand plucked from the tender young top two leaves and a bud:

                         Black Assam Tea  
                         Himalayan Green Tea 

As more tea plantations become Certified Elephant FriendlyTM we look forward to offering additional lines of tea.  

Certified Elephant FriendlyTM Tea products bear this logo and are only available through 
authorized dealers that are part of the 
Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network.  

Tea plantations have replaced much of the natural habitat of endangered elephants in India and other countries. Habitat loss and the associated human-elephant conflict, which can lead to loss of life for both people and elephants, have contributed significantly to the decline of elephant populations. Certified Elephant Friendly™ Tea standards provide a guide for tea growers to reduce elephant mortalities and provide a safe environment for elephants that move through these plantations along their historic movement routes.   Monitoring and research efforts seek to evaluate the effectiveness of certification on protecting and improving elephant populations.  The first Certified Elephant FriendlyTM Tea plantations are producing high quality pesticide-free Assam tea from India, which we import for our customers directly from the certified farms.  Our brand only sells certified Elephant FriendlyTM Tea, understanding that with each cup of tea we sell we support a better future for elephants.  Twin Trunks Tea Co. is an official distributor of Certified Elephant FriendlyTM Tea.

To find out more about the Elephant FriendlyTM  Tea certification program go to    

or contact:   Lisa Mills

                    or Julie Stein

Consumer demand for products produced on Certified Elephant FriendlyTM Tea plantations provides farmers with the economic incentive to provide a safe environment for the elephants. Tea production has been identified as a form of agriculture that has significant cumulative impacts on wild elephant populations, as tea has replaced much of elephant forest and grassland habitat and relatively little work has been done to incorporate the knowledge we have today about the impact of tea production practices on elephants. For example, the chemicals used in conventional tea production, if not carefully applied and stored, has led to annual poisonings of elephants.  Improperly installed electric fencing or sagging electric lines leads to a number of elephants deaths annually, and the fencing can block the movement of elephants along their routes without proper planning. Draining ditches and water sources can be death traps for elephants, especially young ones.  Standards for Elephant FriendlyTM Tea plantations address specific challenges around these and additional issues, and certified plantations ensure that their workers engage in steps to ensure the safe passage of elephants and help reduce the potential for human-elephant conflict.  

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