I'm a socialable introvert, and my Jung - Myers-Briggs typology is INFP. I consider myself intellectual and a seeker of the real truth.  I'm 5'11" (180.34 cm) and weigh 155lbs (70.3 kg) and have black hair brown eyes with a slender frame.  I was born in Guiyang China (26.5738°N 106.702°E) around January 31st 1985 and my IQ is around 144 and my blood type is 'B'. I'm a perfectionists at what I care about and like to do, and sometimes I can have a little obsessive compulsiveness. I have a knack for seeing the biggest most general bird's eye view top down perspective. I think it is vital to get the general direction of one's view on life and chosen path correct and everything else, all the details will fall into place and take care of themselves. 


In a match I am hoping to find someone who is kind, caring, generous, and forgiving. Anyone who truly possess these four qualities can't really go wrong in life. Like me she believes genuine happiness and enjoying the pleasures of the simple but compelling things in life is what is truly most important. She puts her relationship with her partner and her family and friends above career, education, tradition, nationalism, organized religion, indeed above most everything else.

She is one who is more conscious and aware of herself and her surroundings. Someone who seeks the true source of everything and enjoys being in the unmanifest one infinite eternal "now" moment. Her inner beauty outshines her outer physical appearance even if she is already very pretty. She likes to engage in deep, interesting and meaningful conversations and can be rather philosophical. She believes in the idea of a perfect love, and although she knows people are never perfect, she can find someone 'perfect for her'.

I'm an idealist and yet not naive in the least. I have a very good BS detector and I have found out in this world nothing is what it seems, and reality actually is stranger than fiction. I know how the world works and what keeps it running. But that's not enough and its simply not what I want or what I am interested in. I am looking for my soulmate and twinsoul, my best friend that I have never meet but have loved the second I was born. In the end when we finally find the one for us, and the thrill of searching and the chase stops, what we really want is just to be with the other person. It boils down to this: it doesn't matter the activities we do together, what is the singular most important aspect is that we just want to be with each other, basking meditatively in one another's presence. That is what it is all about, happiness is when you stop searching outwards and start enjoying the natural inner happiness of yourself. We become each others object of meditation. With her, reality and illusion collide, coincide and merge and intertwine as it becomes one essence. What you see is what you get, and what you want is what you REALLY WANT. We become the meaning and purpose for our own existence and for each others life. In this twilight zone the means and the ends are two sides of the one same coin, they become one and the same. We awaken to ourselves, to each other, and to the universe and all of existence.

Love is a strange and mysterious thing. In life it does not matter what you do, but who you are, your core essence deep down, that is your intrinsic value and quality and stays with you regardless. Likewise in a relationship it doesn't matter how hard you try, what matters is who you are with. If you are with the right one for you everything will be natural, instinctive, effortless and fun-loving. If you resonant with the other well enough, crossing that perceiveable compatibility threshold, then your subconscious lowers it guard and the two of you have no more need for mind games, for cost benefit analysis, for all the bickering and power struggles of conventional relationships, gender inequalities, etc. Both of you nick mother nature in the tongue and can for the first time truly love for love's sake, a pure innocent beautiful passion and dedicated and devoted love, exquisite intimacy and infinite everlasting happiness & fun.