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Hello, my name is Bo Chen. I am attempting to leverage the power of technology and the internet infrastructure to cut down the otherwise impossible amount of time and work and energy that would be necessary to find my soulmate/twinsoul.

There are about 7 billion people in the world. Roughly speaking half of that are of the opposite gender. And again we can estimate about 10% of the  remaining half to be near our acceptable age bracket. 

Then that leaves our potential twinsoul/soulmate pool to be a very large 350 million people. This is greater than the entire population of the United States, and even if we had a Star Trek Transporter device capable of beaming us where we wish to go, and even if we conservatively estimate that it takes 10 seconds upon first meeting someone for our subconscious to judge our innate compatibility with someone else; it would take more than the length of our entire natural lifespan to meet every possible person.

In a room of 20 random people we can guess the odds are high that there would be close to 10 people of the opposite gender. Assuming everyone in the room are in roughly the same age bracket, of those 10 people one person will be most compatible with us (our supremum in that group/domain) , and one person will be least compatible with us. There are many types and definitions of "compatibility" and surely the metrics we each subjectively use to measure differ, however here we all referring to deep instinctive soul/spirit resonance and natural compatibility. Compatible in terms of a life long romantic relationship.

It is not so hard to imagine that if the room was larger and had more people, our most compatible one in the room would statistically speaking become even more compatible with us. And as we increase the domain and realm of our potential mates, we directly improve the compatibility coefficient of our supremum. That special unique he/she will become ever the more special, and ever the more unique and awe inspiring to us! Indeed he/she will seem more and more likely to be our soulmate, and feel more and more 'perfect for us'.

It is not so hard to imagine then, that if this time we took the whole entire world and every human being on earth as our pool and domain of applicable potential mates then we end up with a very interesting supremum. Interesting in that this time our supremum becomes in a way transcendental and takes on more than just one title and one property. In essence and in reality, when we set the entire world as our domain, the supremum is not only a supremum  like before but also our twinsoul! Because there simply cannot be a more compatible person in the world than her! That is the definition of a supremum (when domain is set to world) and it is a mathematically inevitability that this person is the ONE (not only in name but also in truth) for me!


I would imagine that my twinsoul would share many similarities with me. One of the most obvious and easily to deduce similarities would/should of course be our mutual belief in, desire of, and search for our very own 'twinsoul'.  She too, would have come to realize by now that the only hope of ever finding our true twinsoul on earth in this lifetime is to utilize and leverage the unique power and ubiquitousness of the informational superhighway to find, locate, and pinpoint the exact person out of the countless people of the world who we can truly call our own. 


So the question becomes where would people who are searching for their twinsouls on the internet meet? (figuratively speaking.. as in where they would meet in cyberspace) If she was searching for me and if she assumed I was also searching for her, what would we both agree upon to be the common ground, the lowest denominator, the highest summit place to meet each other, ie the one place or few places where we would have the highest odds of meeting up with or bumping into one another. 

The scientists who sent out the Arecibo Message had to confront the problem of how to unmistakably convey a message of greeting to any alien race of which we would share almost nothing in common. Their task was to find and utilize universal similarities in the laws of physics of the universe and to use that as an anchor, as a cosmic frame of reference upon which we can successfully communicate.  They chose the use of prime numbers, of the hydrogen frequency, they beamed  it as an extremely  narrow band message and transmitted towards a very densely packed globular star cluster M13 some respectable 25,000 light years away.

It is in a mathematical sense, a numbers game. Whether it is finding the true love of one's life or searching for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence or having a computer  search its database for ABO blood group matchings in order to facilitate transplantation for cancer patients, we have to play the numbers game and go where the odds are in order to find what it is we are searching for. 

Ideally the odds are highest on social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace.  Facebook and Myspace together have an estimated 130+ million active users/accounts.  This number is almost 1/2 of the entire US population and 9 times more than the total number of people on the world's most popular and populous online dating site   However the fatal flaw with these ubiquitous common household social networking sites is their total lack of any respectable and/or usable search function.  Granted these sites do serve their purpose and its search functions weren't created for "searching your twinsoul" in mind, but having half the world in your database is entirely useless for twinsoul hunting if you cannot narrow down by meaningful criteria or relationship filters. Ironically our twinsouls probably ARE on one of these social networking sites, but without a proper search tool we end up with information overload and no real ability to filter out the background noise, we are in effect forced to use other more creative avenues online to continue our search for "the one".

To be perfectly honest, I would have thought my twinsoul would have Googled the search phrase : "find your twinsoul" or something to that effect by now. Had she done so, she would surely have found my contact information as I am listed on the first page of almost every Google Search involving locating one's twinsoul. There are a lot of "twinsoul" information available on the internet, some of which is good and informative, but the vast majority is pure garbage.  Any girl who is searching for her twinsoul as fervently and passionately as I am would definitely have thought about creating her own personal website as a beacon to attract her potential twinsoul if he were to ever search for her online using precise keywords! The sheer lack of any personal webpage created for the purpose of searching for one's yet to be found twinsoul puts into question if there truly are anyone out there that thinks the way I do about finding that perfect cosmic love. In the same token, Drake's equation would have literally guaranteed that we as earthlings have made contact with at least several intelligent Extra-Terrestrial alien species by now.  And yet we have had nothing but silence.  I do find the similarity and parallels ironic and somewhat inexplicable.

This whole things boils down to one massive SEARCH problem. And Google is the King of Search. Since social networking sites and online personals and dating sites aren't going to work out (further explanation below..) perhaps it would serve us best to resort to asymmetric lovefare.  Forgoing social networking and dating sites (where the 'numbers' really are) we must use clever and  creative strategy to offset deficiencies in quantity.  Our twinsouls are at most less than a second away (~250 milliseconds) by Instant Messaging or mobile telecommunications. If only we could somehow, in some way, find out or extrapolate or conjure up the 9 digit magic cell phone number, or the unique screenname username or handler then we could in a manner of speaking make instantaneously contact with our beloved one-and-only.  Then in that split second, in that brief moment our search would have at long last come to an end.   After giving it some thought,  the best way is to use the world's number one search giant the Google Search Engine  (this IS a search problem remember?)  and search by select keywords and unique phrases that we think would lead us to some digital trace or leftover crumbs of our twinsouls online presence. If she decided to make it easy for me, should would create her own website and include specific echelon-like keywords (except its searching for love not ......) and make sure it was indexed by the largest search engines so whenever I do such and such a search I just might find her in style and serendipity.  After all haven't we all wondered at one time or another if someone else somewhere else was thinking exactly what we were thinking and they were thinking of us thinking of them thinking like us?!  Well I've learned the real world doesn't exactly operate on our whimsical expectations and ideals.  As far as I am aware, I am the ONLY one so far to have even attempted to search and seek out my soulmate and twinsoul using the unique but easily achievable method I described above. Well in fact this whole website is created for this exact purpose.  I'm hoping whenever she does  decide to research the phenomenon of twinsouls and Google the right keywords she will be brought onto this page and then it is done. ;-)


This should be easy. Put up a personal website stating I'm seeking out my twinsoul/soulmate, and then make it searchable and indexed by the major Search Engines and sit back and wait. And hopefully one day, some day, out of the blue 'she' will do a search online using targeted keywords for her twinsoul and just serendipitously stumble upon my Twinsoul Homepage and realize that this is IT.  So I've sent the Arecibo Message out into cyberspace and now all I can do is listen in actively and passively for any WoW Signals..

Just because two people who both believe strongly in the concept of soulmates and twinsouls meet each other (whether in real life or on the internets) does not in any way necessarily mean they are the ones for each other, or even that they are compatible at all. Think about it this way, everyone has his/her supremum and the term 'twinsoul' is just the most convenient way to convey the supremum.  So bumping into another person who happens to be searching for their own twinsoul as hard as you are for yours does not necessarily mean the two of you are twinsouls. My    asymmetric lovefare strategy/tactic only works because luckily so far no one else has posted an online personal website searching for their "twinsoul" AND tuned and tweaked the website so that it can be readily picked up when the specific keywords are used to search. (keywords such as "looking for my twinsoul", "locating my soulmate" etc..) If more people were to do something like this it wouldn't work because we would be leveled back to square one. After all since everyone has a 'twinsoul' so who's to say who is who's twinsoul? The 'twinsoul' keyword/term only works when it is used sparingly, and even then it only brings together potential prospective people who are already aware and consciously seeking their 'twinsouls' and does not in actuality indicate that they are MY twinsoul. However if my twinsoul was to ever find me it would be highly probable that she came through this method.

Which brings me to the essence of the matter. How do you know your twinsoul is actually your twinsoul? Is it one of those things that you "know it when you see it", or perhaps it serves us better to employ process of elimination and just know when someone ISN'T our twinsoul until the right one, the needle in a haystack appears after we have cleared through all the hay? True love, even twinsoul relationships are often retrospective and after the fact.  Even my twinsoul, when I find her, would likely at one time in the earlier stages be just another "prospective" or "potential" until we got to know each other well enough to cross that threshold of compatibility.  But what is the metric used to measure true compatibility. Is it physical,  spiritual,  or a combination of the two?

What is the essence of a soul?  How do you encapsulate a person's beingness?  Any serious online (or offline for that matter) dating site or service should be willing to us16PF5  or similar  IPIP-NEO tests  for personality profiling.  As of now even self proclaimed "soulmate" sites such as use nothing but DISC and MBTI like tests which are ipsative instruments, meaning that they describe an individual in a self-referential way (what this really means is the methods these sites use give no more precision than that which can be achieved by doing a manual searching yourself!) We should use more than mere Big-5 tests to evaluate Couple Similarity between potential soulmates. The bigger problem is not how to script the compatibility and personality tests but to figure out how best to successfully compare and assign compatibility between profiles.  And what about physical compatibility? To date, there is no dating service anywhere in the world that can do accurate and scientific physical chemistry compatibility matching between two individuals. Perhaps we can do some kind of DNA matching or VNO human pheromones pairing?  After all, a twinsoul is someone who is compatible (highly and ridiculously so) on ALL levels : Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual. That is the definition and reality of the supremum, and the supremum can never be anything but the supremum



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