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posted Jan 22, 2012, 8:53 AM by Birgit Andersen   [ updated Jan 22, 2012, 8:57 AM ]

Twin Flame Balance


Many Twins are feeling a bit down, thinking like this: ”Well, if he/she really loved me, he/she would have chosen me long time ago”, or ”If he/she really loved me, he/she would be by my side in these difficult times for me” or.. ”If he/she really loved me, he/she would not look for others, but look only for me”

It is important to know, that in Twin Flame relationships, it is not for one Twin to decide the outcome, meaning one Twin cannot arrange for the happiness of two,

It is not up to one Twin to make two happy, it is all about balance,

Twins cannot meet and stay together in a balanced relationship as long as there are imbalances, and these imbalances are always in both, so it is not in the power of one Twin to make everything happen,

The journey is all about personal balance, personal completeness, which has actually nothing to do with the other Twin, for each Twin walks the path for personal wholeness all by themselves,

We meet in Twin Flame dances for wholeness, for the meeting brings forth imbalances, we are not able to see by ourselves; so by the blessing of the other Twin, we are given the sacred gift of being whole; the meeting opens for a journey back home to embrace and be our own spirit in physical incarnation, in oneness with God, the Creator; only when we have fulfilled this journey, can we actually live with our Twin,

So we move now from the idea, that another human being can make us whole, to the insight, that we are the only one, that can heal ourselves; we can be inspired by others, but the walk, the work is our personal assignment,

What can we then do to meet with our Twin; focus on our own spiritual journey,

If we were not that occupied with controlling the other one, pointing out faults, imbalances, the process would be much easier and move along more quickly,

If we were not so occupied with what the other Twin is doing or not doing, we would see ourselves and work conscioussly with our own process, instead of trying to help the other one, telling them, what they do wrong; for we cannot help the other Twin doing what this Twin came here to do, the insight of right or wrong must come from within,

…and there is no right or wrong, there is the soul process of the journey, learning and growing,

If we were not so occupied with giving advice to the other Twin, we would not be blinded by the illusion, that we are perfect and the other one is imperfect,

Of course this is part of our journey here, to walk through the illusion of being perfect, looking at every part of ourselves,loving what we see ;), embracing every human feeling, accepting the fact, that although we may have incarnated in physical bodies from the angelic realms, we came here to learn how to be human, for only in grounding in our physical, human part, can we shine as Angels,

So this is not, ”if only he/she would be nice to me, if only he/she would be more …. ”everything would be perfect”, this is a projection of our imperfection, blaming the other one, for what we are not willing to look at inside ourselves.

When we realize, that we are just as imperfect, as we believe the other one to be, we have opened ourselves for the greatest gift of all, seeing ourselves as we are,

it is always so easy to point out the fault of the other one, but in doing this, we will have no growth, we will stay put at the same spot, even do the loops of repeating, until we know deep inside, this is all about me, and begin to work with the issues, we see,

So when we judge the other one for doing something wrong, something foolish, should we then leave them, find someone better; no we should ask ourselves, could I have done the same, for the interesting thing about Twins is, they do the same, just in different ways; what you feel, your Twin feels too, the mirror is so strong, because the love between Twins vibrate on a higher frequency,

So when your Twin do something you do not like, embrace your Twin with Love and the issues will disappear in your Twin and in you,

Always focus on Love,

…and when you say; ”I have been waiting now for 2,3, 5 years for my Twin, it is not your Twin, you have been waiting for, it is yourself….

With love 

©birgit andersen 





Twin Flame Lovers

posted Oct 14, 2009, 11:16 PM by Birgit Andersen   [ updated Sep 2, 2014, 6:01 AM ]

Twin Lovers

Twin Flame Lovers
So you meet with your Twin Flame Love, you recognize each other in spirit, you kiss in the Heart of God,

You feel this wave of pure love from one heart to the other, from one spirit to the other, then what happens, the true gift of this beautiful love is given, the spiritual awakening of both, for Twin Flame Lovers can... only share physical life as awakened Spirit Flames,

A process begins, the death of the small ego begins, which can be painful, especially if you choose to be in denial of your own reality and project what you are feeling to the other one,

Due to disappointment in love, we may have closed our heart chakra; we are the sum of our experience and if someone have let us down, we tend to believe that this will be our experience, we carry with us a fear of losing, consciously or unconsciously,

In the beginning of Twin Flame Love we move through a state of illusion, putting the other one on a pedestal; then as the relationship evolves we see the human part of the other one and that is when it all becomes real, for we cannot stay in an illusion of love,

We then learn to love unconditionally, to love everything we meet with, even if it feels “bad” we can learn to love this part too, for only then can we evolve to that pure love, we saw in the beginning of the relationship,
We are here to explore every human feeling,

We learn that nothing is fault, it is human life experience; we learn that what we see in the other is a mirror of ourselves, a gift for us to evolve spiritually,
Especially with Twin Flame Love the mirror is so strong, for the mutual love is so strong and we learn to look at ourselves through the other one,

So being in denial about our own part of the mirror, will make no change at all, it will keep us locked in control and fear; when we begin to look inside and love all we see, embrace every part of ourselves with love, we change from within and we realize that even when the other one is being human, we love even more, for we learn to accept what is, we learn that we are not God, we are here to create from the Heart of God, therefore the process is clearing the old experiences into a mirror of God and hereby change ourselves and the world,

The process is not to find faults in the other one, it is not to blame the other one for being imperfect, it is to look at ourselves through the mirror of the other one, what a True Gift,

To be awakened, to open our heart in trust and faith, can never be forced, so be patient with yourself, be proud of your achievement, do not judge yourself, for then you will judge others too,

We may look at the other one and feel he/she will never pull through and how can we live with a person with that many faults; here it is important to know, that the other one is always doing the very best and may feel exactly the same, for of course he/she can also see our faults, as it is always so easy to see what is wrong with others, a little harder with ourselves,

In the entire Twin Flame process Love never dies, it grows even stronger, through the ups and downs experienced; when we know that Love is our mutual gift for each other, we can let go of unrealistic expectation, dependency and all the control issues from the past experience,

We can give each other the Gift of privacy space, for just as we grow, being together, we also grow being with ourselves, we can let the other one grow in that space, he/she asks for to be a more loving expression of God; our mutual journey is to be Oneness in the Love of God once again and no one can grow being locked up in a tiny space of control,

We learn that we do not need to crave the love of each other, we learn to feel good, when the other one is loved by others too, for in mutual trust we grow always and we know deep in our hearts, that everything is just as planned for, we know that we belong with our Twin in pure love and love flows freely and best in faith,

We bring Divine Love into physical manifestation

With Love
©birgit andersen


Twin Flame & Soulmates

posted Oct 14, 2009, 11:11 PM by Birgit Andersen   [ updated Sep 2, 2014, 6:01 AM ]


Dear Friends,

Look up in the Sky and see your own reflection of divinity, recognize yourself and embrace your cosmic power of yourself. Be in oneness with all you are, for here in this oneness you will meet with your Twin Flame. You meet as one, without dependency or attachment to each other, two hearts smelt as one in co-creation of unconditional love and in this sacred field of love feelings of control and power cannot exist.

Twin Flame Love is pure, the flames are united on a physical ground in divine love, physical attraction is as important as the attraction of hearts. It is not just a romantic story build upon an illusion of love, it is very real, for it is expressed in a mere physical way, sacral chakra and heart chakra smelt in oneness, whenever the love is expressed physical.

There is quite a difference between the Twin Flame Love and the Soul Mate love. Soul Mates meet to clear solar plexus emotions through their mutual sharing. That is why there may be power struggles, control issues and manipulation between the two. Soul Mates are karmic partners, who signed a contract to support each other in the clearing process, to heal old wounds between them from previous life times. Therefore when the karmic clearing has ended between the two, there is no need to stay together any more. This is often the hard part for the involved to accept, therefore many choose to stay, thus building new karma. At some point divine guides intervene and create circumstances to separate the two, so that they will both be able to move on with their spiritual journey for completeness. It is important to understand and let go, which can be difficult, for love is there, fear of being left alone in despair and loneliness, after all we are humans.

 When Twin Flames reunite physically they have cleared away the old solar plexus emotions, so their mutual love is shared on the love of the two hearts. At the same time Twin Flame partners exchange physical love through their sakral chakra, just below the naval is an opening of intense sexual energy, and when being in physical love, the flames move this sakral energy to their hearts.

The sexual energy is very strong, like a fire that smelts into one mutual flame of love, to be expressed most physical. Therefore it is so much more than just a romantic rendezvous, it is oneness on every possible level of being, it is a knowing the other one is there and will stay there without a constant need for confirmation, reassurance of the shared love, or without missing the other one, because each twin is complete and do not need to seek this completeness outside themselves.

With Love  ♥♥♥ 
© birgit andersen

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