Twin Ports Invitational
March 9 - 11, 2018
Duluth Heritage Sports Center

3 Game Guarantee!

Tournament Open to the following Divisions:

As it states in our tourney rules; we guide our tourney by the WHAM (rules) handbook. If not already assigned to a WHAM Division, please use the following to place your team in the appropriate division:

*Please remember teams must register in the division of their highest ranked player and should not roster players outside these parameters. This includes A1 Division players (players who are under the age of 30 that have played Division I or III College). 

A2 - Ages 30+: Division I & III College, Varsity High School, National Development Camp, or U19a  

B1 - Junior Varsity High School

B2 - No high school hockey experience; more experience than B3 players

B3 - No high school hockey experience; more experience than C1 players

C1 - No high school hockey experience

C2 - Have not played a lot of organized hockey growing up or have less than 5 years experience; more experienced than C3 players

C3 - Have not played a lot of organized hockey growing up or have less than 5 years experience; true beginners to skating and hockey

*Tournament brackets will be formed based on number of registered teams in each division and may fluctuate from year-to-year at the discretion of the tournament director. Please be assured we closely evaluate the levels of all teams/players registered and will do our best to ensure a fair, competitive and fun tournament!

Looking for lodging? send an e-mail and I can send a link to hotels that work with DAHA Heritage Tournaments


*All players/ managers must complete their individual registration.

      - all United States players must be USA hockey registered as this is a sanctioned tournament.

Attention Minnesota team managers only!
By completing the new registration process your USA hockey info will automatically be sent to the MN registrar. 
The registrar will produce a tourney roster free of charge, and it will be e-mailed to BOTH the team manager and the Tourney Director.

Canadian teams and teams outside Minnesota!
Each team will need to produce an official roster which will be collected prior to the tournament.

*Please remember to bring your own warm up pucks and water bottles.*

*TPI Director or affiliates reserves the right to make placement decisions at any time prior to or during the tournament to ensure parity within skill levels.