2014 Tournament Calendar

 Date            Day Tournament Type     Times Special Notes

4/5/2014SaturdayOpen Tournament5pm-11pmFirst tournament of the 2014 season!
4/12/2014SaturdayOpen Tournament5pm-11pm
4/19/2014SaturdayOpen Tournament5pm-11pm 
4/26/2014SaturdayOpen Tournament5pm-11pm
5/03/2014SaturdayOpen Tournament5pm-11pm 
5/10/2014SaturdayOpen Tournament 5pm-11pm 
5/17/2014SaturdayOpen Tournament5pm-11pm                                                                               
5/23/2014FridayNight Tournament11pm-5am  
5/24/2014SaturdayOpen Tournament5pm-11pm 
5/26/2014MondayVeteran's Tournament8am-12pmBring Military ID 
5/31/2014SaturdayOpen Tournament5pm-11pm 
6/07/2014SaturdayKid's Tournament8am-11am 10 year and under/11-16 year
6/07/2014SaturdayOpen Tournament5pm-11pm Ted Finnell memorial
6/14/2014SaturdayOpen Tournament5pm-11pm
6/21/2014SaturdayOpen Tournament 5pm-11pm
6/28/2014Saturday   Open Tournament 5pm-11pm 
7/04/2014 Friday Cane Pole Tournament 2pm-4pm Lots of activities ending with FIREWORKS!
7/05/2014Saturday Open Tournament 5pm-11pm  
7/12/2014 Saturday Open Tournament 5pm-11pm  
7/19/2014 Saturday Open Tournament 5pm-11pm  
7/25/2014 Friday Partner's Tournament 7pm-11pm Total Weight/$40 per team 
7/26/2014 Saturday Open Tournament 5pm-11pm  
8/02/2014 Saturday Open Tournament 5pm-11pm  
8/09/2014 Saturday Open Tournament 5pm-11pm 
8/15/2014FridayLadies Tournament6pm-11pm  Ladies Only
8/16/2014Saturday    Open Tournament 5pm-11pm  
8/23/2014Saturday Open Tournament 5pm-11pm  
8/30/2014Saturday Open Tournament 5pm-11pm  
9/06/2014Saturday Open Tournament 5pm-11pm  
9/12/2014Friday Night Tournament 11pm-5am  
9/13/2014 Saturday Open Tournament 5pm-11pm  
9/20/2014 Saturday Open Tournament 5pm-11pm  
9/27/2014 Saturday Open Tournament 5pm-11pm  
10/4/2014Saturday Tournament of CHAMPIONS 5pm-11pm Invitation Only: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd winners