Twinkle, Twinkle Christmas Star: An Inspirational Novel Written by: Deanna Martinez-Bey

Thank you so much for taking an interest in my book. I am so thankful for you!
I would like to thank all of my friends and family for their support as I wrote Twinkle, Twinkle Christmas Star. Kells Bells and Sammie "Sopapilla" were my top cheerleaders, supporters, and sounding boards. Thank you guys!
A big thank you to my son who put up with me saying, "I am going to write, please do not bother me for a while" and my sister Gina who drew up all of my art and got it done in lightning speed! Thank you all so much!
I would also like to thank my publisher, editor and the one who made all things happen, Natasha with Emerging Edge Publishing. You are the best!
As far as me, I am a mom, writer, baker, business owner, and so much more. 
I am from New Jersey and am currently living in North Carolina, where I suspect I will remain. I love cold weather and would move to Alaska in a heartbeat!
Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I put up our tree the first week of November and leave it up until just after Christmas. I could probably charge admission to my house at Christmastime! I decorate it to the extreme.
Well, enough about me! Thank you so much for taking interest in my book. 

Twinkle, Twinkle Christmas Star offers the reader: love, suspense and friendship.  It allows the reader to feel a wide array of emotions, such as fear, loneliness, conviction, joy, strength, perseverance and humility.  It will make you laugh and it will make you cry.  It will make you wonder what could possibly happen next!  And all of this is rolled into one great novel.

This engaging story takes place in the mountains of North Carolina.  A woman (Crissy), who is in her early thirties, prays on a star that God will change her life because her life is boring, mundane, and lonely.   She has lived in the same apartment for over ten years, has had the same job for just about as long, and her family and closest friends live over five hours away.  After her prayer, things began to change immediately.  Through the power of God, Crissy learns how to laugh, love, and live a life pleasing to her heavenly Father.  She places her trust in Him and her life goes from boring to fun and lively.
With the help of friends, family, and God, Crissy makes major decisions that dramatically change the direction of her life.  She finds herself moving across the State, falling in love, starting a new career path and attending a Church she found unrecognizable since the last time she attended.  Everything in her life was changing and she was enjoying it, every step of the way.
Crissy has a devoted, best friend, named Janine who is the epitome of a Southern woman.  She is eccentric, yet loving.  She is bold, yet humble.  Janine adds her unique “opinion” to Crissy’s story, and her witty personality will make you fall out of your seat with laughter!
The family dog, Junior adds his own entertainment to Crissy’s life as well. Junior’s playful antics keep Crissy on her toes. For a special treat, at the end of the book I have added recipes that were made by the characters throughout the novel.

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Here is a sample from chapter 3 of Twinkle, Twinkle Christmas Star:

Chapter 3
Black Friday Shopping

Crissy stumbled out of bed as her alarm went off at 3:30am! I must be nuts. It was a tradition for Cindy and her daughters; Crissy, Ramona, Christa and Renee to all go shopping together on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.
Crissy started the water for her shower; she needed one since she fell asleep in her makeup from the day before. After it was warm, she slowly stepped into the tub. The warm water woke her up and rejuvenated her. She took a quick shower, as they needed to be out the door by 3:50am! Crissy slipped on her comfy jeans and a big, purple sweatshirt. She pulled her hair up in a messy bun, put on some make-up, unhooked her cell phone from the charger and put it in her purse. Crissy smelled the warm and comforting smell of fresh coffee trickling up the stairs. Yes, mom read my mind. Crissy crept down the steps, careful not to wake her dad on her way into the kitchen. There was Cindy, drinking her umpteenth cup of coffee, looking wired. “Here you go, Cris, I made yours to go. We need to head out now and meet the girls at Kohl’s.” Crissy slipped on her shoes and coat, took the cup from her mom and they were on their way.

Black Friday shopping was always such a challenge when you go shopping with four other women. Yet, they did it year after year after year. The first stop this year was Kohl’s department store. They opened the doors at 4am. The girls were in the line at 3:56am. They made it just in time. If Cindy was not at the first store BEFORE the doors opened, she would be very upset. At 4:04am, the doors opened. It was like someone opened up the floodgates! People were running into the store from all angles! There was the line that they were in, then, there were people waiting on the other side of the doors, making up their own line! As the REAL line began to move into the store, the people who had formed their own line began to run in as well. Oh, No! What turmoil this created. People started shouting, “You’re cutting the line! Get at the end of the line!” There was such a ruckus, that the store manager phoned the police department! Apparently, they were close because they arrived in seconds. The police kept things under control and kept people in one line and one line only. And this was just the beginning.
It was a cold morning. The thermometer on the car read, 29 degrees. As the line moved from outside to inside the store, it became nice and warm. Then, suddenly hot! Crissy found herself breaking out in a sweat! Crissy pulled her shopping list out of her purse. As she did, out fell her phone. As she picked it up, she decided to take a quick glance at the clock. She opened the phone to see the time and as she did, she saw she had received a text message. It was from Jason! It read: Have fun shopping…thinking of you. Crissy felt her heart swell and tears form in her eyes. She slowly placed the phone back into her purse and decided to remove her coat, which at this point felt like an electric blanket turned up to ten! People were bumping into her left and right. Crissy already had enough shopping and she was just getting started.

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