Printable PDF Files

The files of the Twinkletime Sets are downloadable to your computer.  Each set contains 3 double sided pages. You can print four rhymes per page with the picture of the rhyme on the front and the words on the back.  You can then cut and laminate the cards for durability.  You have permission to print and use the cards.  You do not have permission to sell them.

Set 1, Beginning Rhymes 

Set 2, Early Concepts

Set 3, Beginning Seasons

Set 4, Animals 

Set 5, More Animals

Set 6, Fall Social 

Set 7, Fall Academic 

Set 8, Halloween 

Set 9, Thanksgiving 

Set 10, Christmas 

Set 11, More Christmas 

Set 12, Winter 

Set 13, Spring 

Set 14, American Celebrations 

Set 15, Nursery Rhymes 

Set 17, Occupations