Indy TweetUp on the 12th to Celebrate Twestival

Indianapolis US Twestival 2009

Indy TweetUp is not a Fundraising event, but rather an “Awareness Raising Event,”                 a   brainstorming event, and a light networking event.  That doesn’t mean, “Don’t Give,” it simply means don’t feel pressured to give.


1) The Bean Cup in                Greenwood #Indiana Twestival will be at 8:00am @thebeancup


2)  Hubbard & Cravens in Broad Ripple 6229 Carrollton at 8:30am @amystark 


3)  Tweet Me At Arni's

96th and Gray Rd   @khill33  will tweet you there around 5:00pm


4)  @Nickilaycoax will be at the Indianapolis International Airport   Vinea  Wine Bar 6:00pm ish


5) @dirtynap will be late night tweeting at The Scholar's Inn on Mass Ave 8pm to Midnight  #TWIndy09  


6) Henry County (EastCentral #Indiana) freeWiFi @ Cafe Royal, New Castle5:30am - 8pm   @RexEspiritu 


7) Scotty's Brewhouse on 96th Street   at 11:30am  The Social Media Lunch Club is going to #TWindy09 with @JustinBryant08



WOW– Check Out the facebook Twestival. Way to Go! @nickilaycoax

I focused my attention on twitter, but luckily Nicki knows her way around facebook, and she ignited a thriving #Twestival community there. Check it out!



 We had 10 people attend the last Indy tweetup at H&C, and it lasted about 2 1/2 hrs. There were lively discussions and it reminded me of my college days, when I would hang out with professors in the Lounge and solve the world’s problems.

@warrenwhitlock says they have a Big One in Las Vegas — Twestival that is– and he is a member of Smaller Indiana.   Dropping him a quick tweet may be a very good idea =)  He “Gets” twitter and LOTS of people trust him.

Please tweet it up a few times, and BE SURE TO POUND Indiana ( #Indiana ) in a tweet or two. The #Indiana tweet stream is coming along nicely, and there are some wonderful entries. Check it out.


--> Whenever, wherever two tweeters meet, reflect and enjoy #TWindy09 in a tweet.

The following is a list of confirmed participants

























List of Confirmed 

participants on facebook

Please contact them directly via @replies for the details of their individual level of participation.

H&C Participants


@ beckypruitt
















@ jojosmojo

@ drthomasho

@ WoodyCollins