St. Paddy's Day 


 The St. Paddy's Day Rolling Indy TweetUp to raise awareness of ALL THINGS GREEN

REFRESH SCREEN.  Times and spaces are continually being added.

Indiana Living Green

Welcome Our First Official #TWindy09 Sponsor!  

 #Indiana Living Green Magazine! 




Whenever, wherever two tweeters meet, reflect and enjoy, then type #TWindy09 in a tweet.


The St. Paddy's Day Rolling Indy TweetUp-   March 17th 

 Aught Nine  --another way to say  '09

Awareness Raising Event,”  

an opportunity to chat f2f with tweeters throughout Indianapolis, reflect on All Things GREEN, enjoy a beverage or a meal with another early twitter adopter and brainstorm on how to make the world a better place  =)



Location 1:    6:30am - ???

 Kick St. Paddy's day off right by hanging with

@nickilaycoax  @pauldandrea  @beckypruitt  et al     --As Mayor Ballard turns  the  Canal Green    Link to Details about the Canal Ceremony on Ohio Street

6:30am! WOW You guys totally Rock! (gender nuetral of course.)       facebook group with even more details--  thanks to Nicki !


Location 2:      7:00am --  ???

What's an Indy TweetUp without a great cup of joe @thebeancup (Precise times TBD  -- @bnpositive said he would be there.)


Location 3:     7:30am - 9:00am

Le Peeps - 86th and Keystone @ the Crossing. @amystark and  @KristieKreation will be there and   @roundpeg said she would be Le Peepin', too. Our Sponsor @INLivingGreen will  arrive at 8:00am (This group may roll over to the Starbucks @ The Fashion Mall at 9:00am).


This TweetUp Location is crashing the  NAG- meeting (non-affiliated group) which meets on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month.   This structured Networking group  "... limits membership to one person per industry so that you will have no competition within the group.".  Kristie and I are both NAG Members, and this location was added because there will be at least two tweeters  to reflect and tweet #twindy09 in a tweet.  


Location 4:       10:00am - noon

@amystark will be taking her cute laptop to Hubbard & Cravens in Broad Ripple. On Carrollton Street   



Location 5:  11:45am --??? Until the Parade Passes By   =)

 Corner of New York & Meridian St. Downtown Indy Look for Andrew Ball   aka   @aballstudio #TWindy09


Location 6:   1:00pm  - ???

McAlister's Deli on North Michigan Road  Across the Street from the Pyramids  --Next to Costco   @brandologist says they have WiFi there --a very good thing to have at a TweetUp!

 @drthomasho and @amystark will be there chatting about her chances to be awarded the generosity grant from Notre Dame . @wilkersonrick said he would be at this location, too.


Location 7:  2:00pm  

The Monon Coffee CO.   

 920 E Westfield Blvd --  @jebbanner will be hanging out there for awhile. ( swimming attire not recommended  <== inside joke =)


Location 8: 4:00pm - prolly 2 Hrs.

Lynn Jenkins of Indiana Living Green Magazine- @INLivingGreen -will be at Bjava Coffee & Tea -  @BjavaCoffee  -on the West side 5510 Lafayette Road  


Location 9:  5:00pm-TBD   

That groovy Irish Place on Old Meridian across from Meijer in Carmel - aka The Brockway Pub.  It's a favorite spot for Kevin Hill- aka @khill33 


Location 10:    6:00pm - 8:00pm

Georgetown Market -- 4375 Georgetown Rd. 46254 @RawHealer will be hangin' out there for a couple of hours.


If none of those locations or times work for you, spearhead a location yourself.  It's really easy! Just drop a tweet to @amystark with your preferred time and place.

--Last Update March 16 8:45 pm edt


The party doesn't have to end on the 17th, 

Pat Coyle welcomes all tweeters to the 

SI Clebration on March 19th.  

After Business Hours @ The Rathskeller Indy

Smaller Indiana continues to grow organically.  Kudos to Pat and Doug Karr! 

 click here for details 

Keep Up the #TWindy09 TweetUp tradition at the

5,000 Member Party




FAUX PAS -- My Bad -- Correction:

It is St. PaDDy's Day -not PaTTy .  I feel like a real dope!  Luckily my twitter friends from all over the world set me straight. --Amy Stark


INCOMPLETE List ===>  The Tweeters listed below attended the Indy TweetUp on the 12th to Celebrate Twestival.

Please contact them directly via @replies for the details of their individual level of participation.


@ beckypruitt
















@ jojosmojo

@ drthomasho

@ WoodyCollins