Official Rules for the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship
• Professional and amateur golfers are eligible to compete.
• For Local Qualification events, competitors may use any club not on the USGA Nonconforming
Club list ( For the RE/MAX District Championships and World
Finals, players may use only clubs on the LDA Approved Conforming Club list.
• Each competitor must declare Amateur or professional status prior to finals
• Based on participation, up to six local winners advance to the District Qualification
• The first place winner of the local qualifying events in both open and senior divisions
will not participate in round one of the District Qualifying Event. The first place winner will
be granted a bye into the second round at the Distict Qualifying Event.
• District winners advance to the World Finals.
• You may try to qualify in different districts to increase you chances of reaching the
• District Championship is a double elimination format in all Divisions. (Format for all
Dvisions is subject to change based on the number of competitors or weather
• All golf clubs must not exceed the LDA 50" total club length rule.
• All clubheads must conform to USGA standards.
• All competitors will hit Pinnacle Gold Long Drive golf balls, provided at Local
Qualification Sites.
• Competition grid will be approximately 40 yards wide and will begin at 250 yards.
There are four competitive divisions. All golfers must select to compete in ONLY one
• Open Division - All competitors, regardless of age, may select the Open Division.
• Senior Division - Competitors who are 45 years of age and over by the first day of the
World Finals may select the Senior Division.
• Super Senior Division - Competitors who are 53 years of age and over by the first day
of the World Finals may select the Super Senior Division.
• Grand Champion Division - Competitors who are 61 years of age and over by the first
day of the World Finals may select the Grand Champion Division.
• Women's Division - Open to all female competitors regardless of age.
Entry Fees:
• Local Qualifying Site: $40.00 for Open and Seniors, $30.00 for Women, Super Seniors
and Grand Champion(time permitting, you may try more than once).
• District Qualification Event: $125.00 (LDA members $75.00).
• Finals: No fee for non-exempt players, $500 for exempt Open and Senior players, $300
for exempt Super Senior, Grand Champion and Women players. Contestant is
responsible for travel expenses.