2018 Twin Cities Chicken Coop Tour

Welcome to the 13th annual
2018 Twin Cities Coop Tour! 

Thanks to the volunteers who generously open their yards and lives to share their chicken-keeping experiences.

The 2018 tour is:
Saturday, September 15th, 2018
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Hink Coop

Questions? Contact me at 


This is a self-guided tour. You don't need to sign up to go on the tour, just visit any or all of the coops listed on this page. Here's a printable version of the map:
2018 Tour Map


Here's an 8.5x11 poster you can use to help guests find you on the day:

2018 Tour Poster

Questions? Concerns? Drop me a line


There is little likelihood of spreading illness between flocks, but there are things you can do if you are concerned:
  • Don't let guests mingle with the chickens
  • Provide hand-sanitizer if you let visitors handle your birds or if you plan to provide food or drink
  • Provide a shoe-bath with bleach water so visitors can rinse the bottoms of their shoes as they arrive and leave. 1/2 inch of bleach water in a dish pan or other low pan or tray should do

T-Shirt Design Contest

This year's design winner!:

2018 Coop Tour
2018 Crew
Order Deadline:
Wednesday, September 5th


This year's Designer:
Dee Gieser

Dee is a Twin Cities freelance graphic designer. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, gardening, and maybe a glass of rosé in her backyard. This t-shirt design is dedicated to her sister Cathy, aka “Chicken Mom Extraordinaire”. Dee lives in Saint Paul with her husband, Paul and her cats Lupi and Kodiak.

Dee will receive:
  • 2 free Coop Tour T-shirts from Twistwire Marketing Inc.
  • $50 gift certificate to Egg|Plant Urban Farm Supply
  • 25 lb. bag of Powderhorn Feed


Post your pictures and thoughts with #twincitiescooptour!

2018 Twin Cities Coop Tour

2018 Twin Cities Coop Tour

Map #
 Name/Address  Description  Image (click for larger view)
 A Egg|Plant Urban Farm Supply
1771 Selby Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104
Egg|Plant Urban Farm Supply is organizing the tour. Stop by Egg|Plant to get a map of the tour stops and to say Hello!
Egg|Plant Urban Farm Supply
 B Shannon Skally
1215 Highland Parkway
Saint Paul, MN
The house is a blue-gray four-square on the corner of Highland Parkway and Griggs Street.  The coop is located in the elevated side yard on the south side and can be accessed most easily from Griggs Street (though feel free to park on either Highland or Griggs and walk up - there will be signs to point the way). 

The coop is a modified Garden Coop built in fall 2017 by myself and my mom over the course of three months from plans downloaded from the internet.  It's constructed of wood and hardware cloth with a clear plastic roof and sided with leftover siding from our house. 

The henhouse is 3x5' and insulated, with two internal egg boxes. It houses four hens (Americauna, Plymouth Barred Rock, Golden-laced Wyandotte, and Red Speckled Sussex).  The attached run is 5x12' with a dirt floor.  The run door opens to a fenced enclosure with a small chicken garden area for supervised free-ranging.      
 Skally Coop
 C Bonnie Blodgett
1 Crocus Hill
Saint Paul, MN
You can enter my yard by using the side gate from the street.  Blodgett Coop
 D Rachel Quick
554 Junction Lane
Mendota Heights, MN
Head right into the backyard to see our coop! Our chickens free range but have a beautiful run they call home. Quick Coop
 E Alice Lesney
2180 62nd St E
Inver Grove Heights, MN
I've had my four hens for a year plus a summer. They never cease to entertain. Though still a novice, I've learned a lot. Follow the driveway to the back yard.  
Lesney Coop
 F Holly Windingstad
665 Cherry Street
Saint Paul, MN
We like to think of our coop as a happy settlement between a wife who wants chickens, kids who want a backyard, and husband who wants garage space. Our compact coop has a poky outdoor run along the side of the garage and  a compact coop wedged within the garage.  We can house three to four chickens.  Come on by and see how we made everyone happy.
We are located on the East side by Indian Mounds Park. South of 94 just off the Mounds Exit.  Please enter through the gate on the West side of the house.
Windingstad Coop
 G Jodi Stee
983 Hubbard Ave.
Saint Paul, MN
You can enter my yard by the side gate.  Please remember to close the gate.  My chickens have free rein of the yard.  I have five chickens.  Hazel, an Americana, is three years old.  She lays green eggs.  The Golden Girls, Blanche, Rosie, Dorothea, and Sophia are Golden Star Chickens.  The just started laying brown eggs at the end of July.  My coop is inside my garage with a door and a ramp going out to the run space.  I have a poop catcher draw under their perch and two laying boxes.  I made a self feeding box out of a cat liter container, to reduce food waste.  The coop is equipped with a heat light and a fan.  I use heavy plastic in the winter to make a refrigerated door entrance.  
Stee Coop
 H Elizabeth Carls
1354 Midway Pkwy
Saint Paul, MN
The fully insulated coop and extra large run were built early this spring. Please enter the yard through the gate near the garage. We will be open for Chicken Coop Tour 12-4PM. Please visit during those hours. Thanks! Carls Coop
 I Heidi Kuebelbeck
956 Lydia Ave N
Roseville, MN
Please knock on the front door.  The coop can only be accessed through the house.  Be aware I have 3 large sweet dogs you will meet on your way through!  Kuebelbeck Coop
 J Billy and Sindy
318 6th St SE
Minneapolis, MN
Welcome to our Chicken Coop! Home to Chapita, Chucky, Chaco, Roger and Rosalita. They were Born on April 19th and laid their first egg on Aug 22nd. We are very excited to be part of the chicken coop tour for the first time, as this has been an amazing adventure for our family. Our chicken coop would not have been possible without the master carpentry work of our good friend Joseph. He custom made every nook and cranny of this beauty. Mom did the painting so if it looks funny, you’ll know who to blame!

As we welcome you to our home we ask you to please use the alley to as a main entrance to the coop. There is plenty of street parking out front. We look forward to meeting all of you and thank you for taking the time to visit our coop.

 BillySindy Coop
 K Megan and Andrew
3349 33rd Ave S
Minneapolis, MN
Our coop is best accessed through the alley but we can have our backyard gate open as well which can be accessed via 33rd Ave on the N side of the house.  Mueller Coop
 L Ruben Lopez
3302 18th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN
We have 10 girls and all are doing great. 2 of our girls are 8 years old and still laying.
Lopez Coop
 M Laura and Marcy Rede
3537 16th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN
We are a vegetarian family who have been keeping chickens as pets with (egg) benefits for eight years now. Our coop was originally a rabbit hutch which we insulated, adapted, and expanded ourselves. We keep six breeds of chickens, including adorable silkies and goofy polish. We also have two giant-breed dogs who are quite friendly. This year we began keeping backyard bees, so we're happy to chat about beekeeping, too! Come in the front gate, the coop is in the back yard. Stop on by!  Rede Coop
David Yehl and
Jen Kennard
4736 13th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN
We have a chicken coop (next to the garage) as well as a chicken playground (in our side yard), both of which I designed and built in 2017.  The coop was actually published in the January 2018 edition of This Old House Magazine--mainly because the editor is a big chicken-lover.  To access the backyard and side yard, just walk through the gate on the right side of the house!  
Yehl Coop
 O Emily Turner Baebenroth
5226 34th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN
Come visit the Chicken Cabin, home to our six happy hens! Our coop is built out of re-purposed wood panels that were in our basement when we bought our house, and meets the Minneapolis requirements for up to 6 hens. It's insulated and (gently) heated in winter, and well ventilated. Park in front and come straight around to the back yard! We will make our chicken-shaped sugar cookies again this year :-)  
Turner Coop
 P Jacob Haskins
5309 Nokomis Ave
Minneapolis, MN
Redzilla, Monkey, Donna, Gomer, and Repecka (Pecky) seem to be enjoying their new digs. The coop and run ended up being a bit more than I expected but I still had fun doing it. To get in the yard just walk around back, either side is cool.  
Kaskins Coop
Kara Skahen and
Dan Kitzberger
6938 1st Ave S
Richfield, MN
Chicken coop is located in the backyard. Please enter through the gate next to the garage. Note: we do have a big friendly dog who may be in and out of the yard named Mabel! Skahen Coop