2016 Twin Cities Chicken Coop Tour

Welcome to the 11th annual
2016 Twin Cities Coop Tour! 

Thanks to the volunteers who generously open their yards and lives to share their chicken-keeping experiences.

This year's tour is:
Saturday, September 17th, 2016
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Anderson Coop 2015

Thanks, so much to our hosts!
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 Tour Map
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Coop Tour Map

Handy Tips
  • There are printed maps at Egg|Plant (but you can print the one above, too).
  • Ask questions. Tour hosts are proud of their work and are willing to share.
  • Don't show up before 10 or after 4.
  • Don't bring dogs on the tour. The make chickens very nervous.
  • Have a great time!
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2016 Twin Cities Coop Tour

2016 Twin Cities Coop Tour

Map #
 Name/Address  Description  Image (click for larger view)
 A Egg|Plant Urban Farm Supply
1771 Selby Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104
Once again, Egg|Plant Urban Farm Supply is organizing the tour. Stop by Egg|Plant to get a map of the tour stops.
Egg|Plant Urban Farm Supply
 BKiki Sonnen
1758 Hewitt Avenue
Saint Paul, MN
Come enjoy Maisy & Daisy, rescue chickens being raised as companion animals! See their enclosed outdoor pen with coop, plus the garden they free-range in. See their indoor night boudoir coop on the back porch to make them super safe from night prowlers! Lemonade and light snacks will be served to the first 100 visitors! Please stop by - we're kitty-corner from Newell Park in the beautiful Midway of St. Paul.
Sonnen Coop
 C Rebecca Wooden
1121 Argyle Street
Saint Paul, MN 55103
The best thing about our chicken set-up is that we re-landscaped the back yard to be more chicken-tolerant/chicken-friendly. The girls destroyed the yard the first year - so it was clear we needed more shrubbery and places for them to dig; while still keeping flowers, edibles and a generally attractive yard. We think we've finally got it figured out. Come on over. We'll all be in the back yard.
R. Wooden Coop

 DMichael Joyce
1749 Roselawn Ave W
Roseville, MN
All are welcome to come and visit our chickens. We’ve had chicken for 6 years except for a few months when we anticipated moving. Presently there are six layers. We've had up to 33 birds at one time – both broilers and layers. Over the years four coops have been constructed – two of which are tractors. 
Joyce Coop
 EMary Xiong
2104 Burr St
Maplewood, MN
Built by my husband and completed in July, our coup is 8x8 with a 16x9 run and home to 10 hens (max allowed in Maplewood). We have a dog that will be kept inside the house, but she may start barking if she hears unfamiliar voices in the yard. No eggs yet, but feel free to open up the nest boxes by lifting up the roof to peek inside.
Xiong Coop
 FSarah C.
2616 Bittersweet Lane
Maplewood, MN
Come visit our backyard coop and chat about chicken keeping!

We have an 8x10 coop with a 12x16 enclosed run. Everything is set up to be as low maintenance as possible. We have a simple, freeze-proof and long lasting water system that makes winter chores a breeze.

We have an assortment of breeds, including the: Barred Rock, Black Copper Marans, Rhode Island Red, Golden Laced Wyandotte, Speckled Sussex, Silkie, Buff Orpington, and Blue Favaucana.

Bonus for Maplewood residents -- learn about the proposed changes to the Maplewood chicken ordinance and find out how you can help our city stay chicken friendly! We will have informational handouts with easy action steps you can take to make your voice heard with the City Council.
Cade Coop
 GAlison Callahan
1318 Minnehaha Ave East
Saint Paul, MN
We have a 2 hen rental coop that we have had for the past two years. We rent with a local farmer from Monticello from May to the end of October who has a business called J&B Chickens and it's a great option for those who don't want to deal with winter chores, surprise roosters, or waiting for the girls to be old enough to lay. John really cares about his girls and it's nice to see a chicken farmer with a lot of heart. We still come into Eggplant for all kinds of things, including treats, but this is a great option for first-timers.  
Callahan Coop
 HDan Zigmund
314 Baker Street West
St Paul, MN
We got 16 day-old chickens in late July and are building them a coop.  Will it be finished in time for the tour?  We hope so.  Come see.
Zigmund Coop
 IRick Walsh
1284 Watson Ave
Saint Paul, MN
This is a 4'x 6'x 6' tall coop, with a 4'x4' space for chickens and a 2'x4' storage area.  The fenced run is 8'x6'x6' tall.  This was a low cost coop.  Almost all of the lumber was from an old garage we tor down the year before.  The run is made of four dog kennel panels.  It has electric for a heat light in the chicken side for the really cold winter days, an overhead light on the storage side, and an outlet for the water heater in the winter.  Water heater is also low-cost, flood light inside a cinder block.
Walsh Coop
 JPaul Bary
1743 Goodrich Aveneue
St. Paul, MN
Bary Coop
2940 45th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN
 LJohn, Sashya and Molly
1011 23rd Ave SE
Minneapolis, Mn
My birds get to eat fresh grass and bugs every day while being protected by predators. There is no stench from poop piling up in one area. There is no stench from their food spilling, mixing with water to mold, ferment and stink. There are no mice taking residence with my birds, either. My birds don't ever have to walk around in a muddy enclosure. They love their dirt baths, though. Here are two examples of chicken tractors (arks). One was made in one hour with $60 of materials. The other is made over a week with $600 worth of materials. This type of coop is easily moved around yard. It can easily go with you when you move. There will be pullets that will lay blue eggs available to buy for $25. 
Wandmaker Coop
 MSandra Lester
1107 Fillmore St NE
Minneapolis, MN
Kai and I are two Veterinarians sharing a chicken-centric little patch of Northeast Minneapolis with our beloved flock of hens and two special-needs cats. We are once again honored, thrilled, and ridiculously excited to celebrate all things chicken with out thankfully chicken a tolerant neighbors, curious spectators, and fellow chicken enthusiasts.  The coop is in the process of a major facelift (chandelier installation!) So the photo you see is from last years tour. We are looking forward to the grand unveiling! We are one block east of 612 Brew for those of you who navigate NE Minneapolis via proximity to our fantastic taprooms. Abundant street parking available on Fillmore St NE- look for the red and white chicken tractor in the yard. Revelries accessible through the garden gate.
Lester Coop
 NSeth and Monica Erling
2833 Polk St NE
Minneapolis, MN
We currently have 4 Buff Orpingtons living happily in a coop we built for them. The coop is 4'x5' and well insulated. Our hens have a 5'x10' covered run, but spend most of their time in the larger un-covered run. 
 ONaomi Lund
4407 Douglas Dr. N
Crystal, MN
Park on 44th or 45th street as there is no parking allowed on Douglas.  People with limited mobility and disabilities can park in the driveway.  I am a new hen owner with three hens Dotte, Iris and Ruby.  They are about 6 months old.  I have a homemade coop but transitioning to a new, more winterized one this week.  I'll post more pictures of the new coop.
Lund Coop
 PAimee McAdams
3441 18th Ave S
We've had chickens since 2009. We currently have 9 hens: Blue Cochin, Americana, and Cuckoo Maran. We have a large insulated hen house and a big run for them.  
McAdams Coop
 QQuantina Jones
44006 Snelling Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Our handmade coop was a true labor of love, a testament to friendship, and the realization of a six-year dream. The coop is roughly 6′ x 5′ (counting the nesting boxes) with additional 8′ x 8′ attached run. A project like this has left me with not just more of an appreciation for members of my family and close friends, it's also an appreciation for skilled laborers who work tirelessly to grow our food every day. We share your interest and curiosity for backyard chicken rearing; so upon your visit please be courteous and look for signage regarding hand and foot washing stations. This is for safety of people and birds alike. 
Jones Coop

 RKyle and Lindsay Henning
3937 43rd Ave S
Minneapolis, MN
We are entering our second year as chicken owners.  We've seen a lot in our first year dealing with broody hens, mites, and even a thankfully unsuccessful raccoon attack.  We're excited to see what our second year brings.  Our homemade coop has also been expanded on this summer adding some more square footage for our 5 hens to live and play.  Come by and say hi. 
Henning Coop
 SKatie and Jeremy Schroeder
5732 14th Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN
Stop by and visit our smartly-designed South Minneapolis coop! We’ve had our hens since the spring of 2015, and they’ve successfully survived a MN winter. We built our coop using materials from the Habitat ReStore, the Home Depot cull lumber bin and our attic. The coop is fully insulated.

Our five hens are beloved across the neighborhood by kids who stop by and visit them daily. They thrive on clover flowers fed to them by our two and three year olds. We have a Buff Orpington, an Australorp, an Ameraucauna, a Gold Star, and a Barred Rock.
 TLance Leo
5324 Stevens Ave South
Minneapolis, MN
I still can't believe I have 7 chickens in my backyard. I truly never saw it coming. My ISA Brown chickens are now nearing 22+ weeks old and thriving. The coop came together as result of hours studying online forums and many dumpster dives. Most of the wood used was claimed from a local building project. My family and I would love to have you stop over and talk chickens and share what we have learned thus far.  
Leo Coop
 UHeidi Brandewie
5453 DuPont Ave South
Minneapolis, MN
Come see our chicken swing bridge!We love our girls and hope you will too! Wander to the back and see our set up! Looking forward to chatting about our lovely ladies and how we fit them in our small urban garden! 
 VJohn Hink
5644 Emerson Ave
Minneapolis, MN
New in 2016- Custom portable Coop with internal nesting boxes attached to custom 6x12x6+height run.  The custom built run has special drainage sand bedding for easy cleaning and very sanitary up-keep. The run is protected by a polycarbonate roof panels for partial shading and weather resistance. Home to 2-Silver Laced Cochins, 1 Ameraucana, 1 Specked Sussex and everyone's favorite "Diamond" White Bearded Silkie,  Free ranged garden landscape of edible foliage and small fruit surround the Coop. 
Hink Coop
 WJeff Burmeister
6001 Beard Ave. S.
Edina, MN
4 chicken coop with green roof. Come around to the backyard to see us. 
Burmeister Coop

Linda Hage
5532 West 70th Street
Edina, MN

(Removed from Tour - Sorry)
Chicken coop using sheds with play yard.  In back yard just follow the signs.  Note: Due to road construction and closures please use Hwy 62 ( Crosstown) and Tracy exit to find our house! 
Hage Coop
 XCheryl and Konrad Slind
7315 Russell Ave. S.
Richfield, MN
We love our chickens! Our girls have their own hen yard right next to the compost which they keep well turned. They also have a free range time in the garden except in early spring when the seedlings are getting established. We built the coop and started with chickens about 3 years ago.The eggs are great but the girls also add a fair bit of entertainment and beauty to our lives. We use the deep litter method in our coop if anyone is interested in seeing how this works. Come and check out our set-up which is working great for us!  
Slind Coop
 YGreg Aitchison
7045 Knox Ave S
Richfield, MN
My father and I had a great time designing and building our coop this past spring after getting our 3 cluckers from Egg|Plant in April. We used space by our garage where I had failed as a gardener the past 3 summers or so. Needless to say, watching chickens has been WAY more fun than watching plants!

We're on a corner lot with easy access to the coop. The tentative plan is for my daughters to host a lemonade and/or cookie stand on the day of the tour, so we're hoping you stop on by! Lizzie, Minerva, and Lollipop (our chickens) will be excited to see you as well. :)
Aitchison Coop
 ZKara Skahen
6938 1st Ave S
Richfield, MN
Our coop is a mini-version of my family's Bavarian cabin in Northern Wisconsin. The Bavarian cabin was built by my great-grandfather for his wife, who missed her German homeland. The coop was built by my talented partner Dan, and was built in the same traditional style as the cabin. We have had a lot of fun building the coop, and raising our first small flock!  
Skahen Coop
 aJames Haag
7521 Portland Ave S
Richfield, MN
Come see our chickens in Richfield! 
 Courtney Hess
635 County Road 19
Minnetrista, MN 55364

(Removed from tour - Sorry)
We are the proud owners of 21 organic free range chickens, 4 ducks and a beautiful goose! Our red barn style garden shed turned chicken coop has been perfect for our flock!