2017 Twin Cities Chicken Coop Tour

Welcome to the 12th annual
2017 Twin Cities Coop Tour! 

Thanks to the volunteers who generously open their yards and lives to share their chicken-keeping experiences.

This year's tour is:
Saturday, September 16th, 2017
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Skahen Coop

Questions? Contact me at 


This is a self-guided tour. You don't need to sign up to go on the tour, just visit any or all of the coops listed on this page. (it's early, there are usually 20-30 coops on the tour).


There will be T-shirts with an all new design for 2017. Stay tuned for more information.

If you want to be a host on the tour, sign up:

Fill out the form and send a photo of your coop. We'll put you on the tour!

Bike Tour

Take the tour by bike! We'll identify bike-friendly loops you can take.

Post your pictures and thoughts with #twincitiescooptour!

2017 Twin Cities Coop Tour

2017 Twin Cities Coop Tour

Map #
 Name/Address  Description  Image (click for larger view)
 A Egg|Plant Urban Farm Supply
1771 Selby Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104
Once again, Egg|Plant Urban Farm Supply is organizing the tour. Stop by Egg|Plant to get a map of the tour stops.
Egg|Plant Urban Farm Supply
 B Erin Metz Verdeja
1518 Selby Ave
St. Paul, MN
We have a small backyard that provided a challenge for this design! My husband built this coop custom to the space without any design plans other than just a few photos off Pinterest and my chicken keeping knowledge from raising hens out in California. It was very important to us that the coop utilize features that were conducive to keeping poultry in a very urban environment! Our hens are varieties that I knew would lay colorful eggs and do well in the cold north of Minnesota.... We hope you enjoy our urban farm paradise!

Please enter through the backyard gate on Saratoga!
Metz Coop
 C Patty Longard
724 Bellows Street
Saint Paul, MN
Come in through the backyard gate on the South side of the house!  
 D Dawn Cameron
1015 Parker Avenue
Roseville, MN
We've kept chickens for several years in an A-frame coop in the backyard, but this past winter we built a larger 6'x4'x6' coop in our partially underground garage to take advantage of both the cooler summers and warmer winters in there. 

We currently have 4 hens (a California white, an easter egger, a speckled sussex, and a barred rock and 6 twelve-week-old "chicks" (blue andalusians, silkies, white-crested polish and a welsummer).

The entrance to the backyard is in the upper left of the photo through a space that used to be glass-block windows.  Come see how they've learned to navigate both the habitrail entrance/exit and the numerous ramps this design required!
Cameron Coop
 E The Angellars
748 Sextant Ave W
Roseville, MN
Angellar Coop
 F Jessica Teigen Mattson
3301 Buchanan St NE
Minneapolis, MN
   Mattson Coop
 G Sandra Lester
1107 Fillmore st NE
Minneapolis, MN
My hubby Kai and are once again thrilled to be a part of this year's coop tour. We have a mixed flock of hens including Buff Orpingtons, both Silver and Gold Laced Wyandottes, a Red Laced Blue Wyandotte, a tough little Rhode Island Red, a Black Australorp, and a finally a Black Silky- (she was kind of a accident, we veterinarians tend to collect cast-offs, usually with interesting histories and large veterinary bills.) We have been keeping hens here in Northeast Minneapolis for 4 or 5 years now and look forward to sharing our experiences as well as hearing yours. Refreshments will be served.  Easy parking available on Fillmore street NE- just look for the red-and-white chicken tractor on the front lawn. Party is in the back garden- enter through the side gate. Visit our chicken's Facebook page at Twin Cities Backyard Chickens.  
Lester Coop
 H Ruben and Geri Lopez
3302 18th Ave S
Minneapolis, M
We have been chicken keepers for 7 years. Some of our original girls are still alive and kicking and laying eggs.
Lopez Coop
 I Caitlin C Percy
4430 41st Ave South, Unit 1
Minneapolis, MN
A 16 sq ft insulated coop with a 40 sq ft run built this summer by my fiancé Peter with a budget just over $400. Everything was DIY as we made up the design and basic structural details ourselves. Includes nesting box, 2 roosts and fits easily into our garden and the overall aesthetic of the house and yard. 

Note: This stop is only available from 10:00AM to 2:30PM.
Percy Coop
 J Terry McDaniel
5139 41st Ave. S.
Mpls MN
I love this coop. I designed it with everything I didn't have in my first coop. My flock of six friendly girls love it year around.  
McDaniel Coop
 K Emily Turner Baebenroth
5226 34th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN
The Chicken Cabin - park in front and come straight to the back yard!
Turner Coop

 L Deborah Istre
5049 Emerson Ave S
Minneapolis, MN
We repurposed an old armoire found in the garage when we purchased our house 35 years ago! To make upkeep easy we had an automatic chicken door opener installed when we rebuilt the garage a couple years ago--that's when we became chicken owners. Comfy living for chickens and convenience for chickens keepers. 😊  
Istre Coop
 M Randy and Bridget Rau
5540 Colfax Ave South
Minneapolis, MN
Our four girls, Alice, Gertrude, Josephine and Mildred (named after our grandmothers) arrived in May 2016 and live happily in their backyard run and coop.  Come up the long driveway to the backyard and enjoy the garden as you go.  
Rau Coop
 N Rachel Wendorf
5629 1st Ave S
Minneapolis, MN
What started as a way to introduce a pet to our family, ended with 4 chickens and a beautiful city coop! Our chicken hotel was designed for easy maintenance and yard appeal for our flock of four hens of different breeds - we hope you enjoy it!
Wendorf Coop
 O The Illes Family
7026 Oliver Ave
Richfield, MN
 Follow the signs to the backyard to see our coop!  
Illes Coop
 P Carrie & Jason Frank
14347 210th St
Milaca, MN
Chicken Palace for Brahma Chickens.  
Frank Coop