We are celebrating the 15th annual Twin Cities Coop Tour!

 Saturday, September 19, 2020
  • Live Tour: 10 AM – 4 PM
  • Virtual Tours: As they become available
Click for a printable map
2020 Coop Tour Map
Live map below...

The live coop tour is a self-guided tour. You don't need to sign up to go on the tour, just visit any or all of the coops on the tour. If you do go, keep the following in mind:
Host and Guest Safety:
  • Host posts and limits the number of guests at one time
  • Host and guest must wear masks in accordance with state, local, and host guidelines
  • Guests and guest groups practice proper social distancing
  • Guests use hand-sanitizer if provided by host
Animal Safety
  • Don't mingle with the chickens without permission
  • Provide and use hand-sanitizer if you let visitors handle your birds or if you plan to provide food or drink
  • Provide a shoe-bath with bleach water so visitors can rinse the bottoms of their shoes as they arrive and leave. 1/2 inch of bleach water in a dish pan or other low pan or tray should do
  • Don't bring dogs on the tour. They make chickens very nervous.

Tebbe-Pendleton Coop

 2020 Coop Tour
Masks and Shirts

  • Masks available in adult large $20, adult small $20 and children's $15
  • Shirts are 100% cotton black, Unisex sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL $15.  Fitted (women's) sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL $15. Children's sizes S, M, L , XL $12
  • Call the store to order 651-645-0818 or send an email to order@eggplantsupply.com and we will call you back for payment.
  • Order deadline is Sunday, September 13th.

2020 Coop Tour Mask
2020 Coop Tour Shirt

This year, like everything else, will be a little different. As usual, there will be the free, self-guided tour of chicken coops in the greater metro area. For the first time, however, we are also encouraging virtual coop tours using streaming videos. 
  • Live Tour: Volunteer hosts sign up to have their coop on the tour and have their coop added to the map below. Guests can visit any or all of the coops listed on the map in person following the guidelines below to ensure the safety of people and animals alike.

  • Virtual Tour: Hosts create a 3-5 minute video of their coop setup and sign up to have you video included in the list of videos below. Tell us what we need to know about your chickens and your setup: introduce your birds, features of your coop, what are you proud of, what would you do differently, how are you prepared for winter. Upload your video to the streaming service you prefer (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and so on) and then include the link in the form, or email me the link later.

    Please do not send me the videos. I won't be able to host them for you.

    On the day of the tour, we will hold a virtual question and answer session with some of our virtual hosts to talk about their experience with chicken keeping. There will be more details as we get closer to the day.

As always, this is a great way to talk to other chicken-keeping neighbors and learn how they make it work.


Post your pictures and thoughts with #twincitiescooptour!


2020 Twin Cities Live Coop Tour 

Map #
 Name/Address  Description  Image (click for larger view)
 A Egg|Plant Urban Farm Supply
1771 Selby Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104
Egg|Plant Urban Farm Supply is organizing the tour. Stop by Egg|Plant to get a printed version of  map of tour stops and to say Hello!
Egg|Plant Urban Farm Supply
 BMiriam Friesen
1676 Hubbard Ave
St. Paul MN 55104
Our egg-laying leading ladies Beyoncé, Tori Amos, and Taylor Swift look forward to welcoming you to their little red coop. Walk up the driveway to reach the gate to the back yard.
Friesen Coop
Trisha and Tom
1795 Goodrich Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55105
Custom built by Tom. Home to 4 chickens. Sassy. Sunny. Goldie and Fluffy.
Menke Coop
 DPaul Chestovich
1800 Goodrich Avenue
Saint Paul, MN
Walk up the alley to the right of the house (west side) and past our garage.  Coop is in yard on your left.Chestovich Coop
EKourtny Long
1189 Cleveland Ave S
Saint Paul, MN
3 hens; Roost and Root cedar mobile coop in the backyard, may enter up driveway into backyard gate :)Long Coop
 FBen Helvick Anderson
2310 E 55th Street
Our coop is in a quarter of a converted shed that we refinished in a really cute way. The coop is fully insulated and has a window. I also just put electrical out to it. It is attached to a fully enclosed run with a roof. We have 4 hens. It is all in our backyard- accessible from either through our front lawn around the house or through a back driveway.Helvick-Anderson Coop
Paul Trieu &
Christine Utz
5136 Elliot Ave S
Minneapolis, MN
We have a small urban farm of sorts. Our chicken coop/run is in our backyard opposite our annual veggie garden. There is a black metal framed door on the side of the coop/run with a dead bolt. Simply open the deadbolt and pull open the door and walk-in. Please close the door behind you — it will not lock but it will latch shut, which will keep the chickens in while still allowing you to get back out. We have 6 chickens of 3 different varieties. They are all hand trained as day old chicks, so they are very friendly! Enjoy and please remember to shut the door securely behind you : ) Trieu Coop
 HDavid and Leah
3949 21st Ave S
MInneapolis, MN
Homemade coop and run for a current flock of three buff orpingtons. Also included a raised bed and chicken tunnel to a separate enclosed outdoor area. Please park on the street and walk up the sidewalk and enter through the front yard fence gate. Walk to the back of the yard for the coop.
David and Leah
 IThe Redes
3537 16th Ave. S.
We've been keeping backyard chickens for ten years now and we love them! We have a flock of seven hens, including polish, silkies, ameraucanas, and speckled sussex, in a coop we upcycled and winterized ourselves. We also keep backyard bees and have two giant breed dogs. Come on by! 
Rede Coop
 JMeghan Howard
100 2nd Ave. NE
Osseo, MN
I have 5 hens in my back/side yard. I live on the corner so from my driveway you can see the coop to the left.
Green Coop
 KJessica Scharf
15050 Victor Lane
Minnetonka, MN 55345
Our flock has grown from our 3 original ladies to 8! We recently refurbished an old wood shed on our property into their new coop! We live on a cul-de-sac so please park just past our driveway and you will see the bright blue coop door!
Scharf Coop
  Your coop here!

2020 Twin Cities Virtual Video Coop Tour

 To see a larger version of the video, do the following:

  • YouTube: Click the Name of the video at the top left, and then click view the Full screen icon.

  1. Leah & David: 
    South Minneapolis flock of 3 Buff Orpingtons. Meet Queenie, Billy, and Scarlett. Learn about coop construction, winter heat, pinless peepers, chicken tunnel, run set up, and hear a hen celebrating after laying an egg!

  2. The Rede Family
    We've been keeping backyard chickens for ten years now and we love them! We have a flock of seven hens, including polish, silkies, ameraucanas, and speckled sussex, in a coop we upcycled and winterized ourselves. We also keep backyard bees and have two giant breed dogs.

  3. Dawn Cameron

  4. Cari Ann Carter and Kim Holly
    When my love decided she wanted chickens, I knew a coop would be a requirement... but not just any coop... it HAD to be functional AND most importantly, beautiful. I wanted it positioned so she could see it out of her office window whilst working - it had to look amazing. After finding a coop sold for $2,000 on Williams-Sonoma, I knew that design was the one... but I wasn't going to pay $2k... and the reviews on the quality weren't stellar. Though I'm not a builder, I decided to build my own - but I needed plans... I found plans here https://www.ana-white.com/woodworking-projects/small-chicken-coop-planter-clean-out-tray-and-nesting-box . The instructions were really helpful, but I made a number of changes to materials, which also slightly changed the design. Sourcing materials during a covid-induced wood shortage was also quite challenging, causing additional changes to be required as I was forced to substitute materials as I visited 7 different home stores to gather everything I needed. This coop is made almost entirely out of cedar. A Kreg pocket hole jig became my new best friend. All the exterior walls are made of cedar boards assembled together with pocket screws to form the walls. Even the doors are made entirely of cedar boards, and the trim boards are all rough-sawn cedar. The coop sits next to a raised bed herb garden which is both functional and pretty to look at - all atop a 25 sq ft run. There are dual cedar-framed doors to the run and dual cedar doors on the back of the coop which allows access to remove and empty the clean-out tray as necessary. The nesting box is on the opposite side of the clean-out doors and holds two Tupperware dish bins for nesting (idea given to me by a friend for ease of cleaning). We went with all black hardware as it looks really nice against the cedar coloring. The walls are fully insulated, and I'm finishing the insulation of the roof from the inside. I'm also coming up with a dual-purpose heated watering system for the inside... one that will both keep the water from freezing, but also add enough ambient heat to keep the chickens toasty warm in winter. We'll be adding plexiglass around the run (providing enough venting) to keep the wind out - and adding plexiglass to the windows at the top of the coop. We've got 4 chickens... a Silver-laced Wyandotte, a Prairie Bluebell Egger, Ameraucana-Easter Egger, and a Buff Orpington. Based on the size of these birds, and the length of the roost inside, I'd say we're maxed out on space with just 4 birds (they sometimes knock each other off the roost when trying to get up there at night). We wanted different metal roofing material, but the style we wanted was only in stock hundreds of miles from us... I ended up getting what was available, and even then I had to cut and create my own drip edging and ridge cap as multiple trips to many stores turned up nothing... It definitely gives the coop a more rustic farm look vs a finished "Pottery Barn" look, but I kinda like how it turned out... hammer marks and all. ;) I didn't skimp... all-in I've got about $1200 in materials and it has taken me a few months working here or there to get this far (I'm slow and stop to think A LOT when doing this kind of project). But, we get lots of compliments on it... ...and it's beautiful - just like my love for whom I built it. :)

  5. Your Coop Tour Video here!