Hey guys hope you like my web site this is dedicated to twilight, vampires, buffy the vampire slayer and all of those people out there that have nothing else to do on the computer.
  Most of you may know the date but if you dont it is March 8, 2009 and tomorrow is my Birthday so im not very excited about that cause i dont like people celebrated my Birthday and so far ive gotten my whole church to sing happy birthday to me without me knowing. i walked in and my little sister yelled "Its her birthday tomorrow everybody!" so they sang and the thing is the teacher of the group was my old camp counsler so that was not that fun lol.
 hey guys i havent been on in a while because i forgot how to get on my website lol and so i just wanted to update it =) it is may 16th and i was at my school carnival last night, now there is a funny story behind this and ill tell you guys. well my "big sisters" mom was going to pick me and my big sister for real from it and she was like 30 min late so my grandma got really really worried and got the whole school looking for me like the vice principal made a announcment on the loud speaker that i was missing or something and my grandma drove to the school and got the whole school like i said looking for me but i was alread home he he he so now i will probley be the laughing stock of the school on monday... oh and i also dedicate this website to the vampire kisses series!
I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW! cause I'm getting my hair dyed but i have no idea what colors its suppost to be a surprise for my birthday with was like 2 months ago (3/9/96) lol so i am now 13!
 i got it dyed! it rocks except that is poofy
  and my site will soon become a Gothic website also if there are any goths out there and if you like vampires go to vampirefreaks.com bye!
 sadly i cannot make it a Gothic site until my uncle who i love dearly but is a computer nerd shows me how to do it =Þ
 only 13 days until school is out and im happY! i cant wait until it is over! but i had to get a stupid shot today and i have to run two miles tomorrow and i am sick! SO WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!

well my family... is in town today and they are visiting us and i have to host them fun... but i don't really want to as you can tell and some people who aren't even related to me are here!!!!!! help me!!!!!  help me i beg of you!

 twilight fans rejoice come to this and you can see the first of many hopefully new moon trailers http://www.myspace.com/trailerpark                      and when you click on it click on the watch this video in
different sizes thing to watch it

  i am so mad at my mom! she picked up my jacket and put it in the wash and it was in my area so she shouldnt have picked it up and she washed it but guess what! my mp3 player was it in and we are too freaking poor to buy a new one for only $20! im am so mad right now! and my parents are both going against me on it 2 they said "oh its your fault" "its just another lession to learn"" im not buying you a new one cause it was your fault you should have put it under your bed or something" well i dont care it was in my area and i am so mad! as you can tell if any of you know a good website to buy a cheap one that can hold a bunch of songs or something email me plzz at bearkoda@gmail.com bye...

School is out!!!!! oh yea no more torcher! lol

ok its been almost a month not in school im really happy but im also happy because well im getting a cell phone well a tracfone but its cool!!! and its cheap =) so go to the website (tracfone.com) and find a phone that u like then email it to me at bearkoda@gmail.com bye

its been a while sense i said anything and i know like nobody actually looks at my page but i still like updating it i just got back from camp hammer today (july 25) and im just hanging at my house c ya

ok so i got a cell phone
and it rocks! i have txting and calling and its a tracfone which is a really great phone. and i have a job im a babysitter and thats how im paying for my phone lol but its all cool oh and i broke up with my bf oh well he is dating my other friend and they are way happier than we were so it works out!!!!!

hey im at school but my computer isnt working so i havent been on in a while but im just giving you a heads up im going to military school so i may not be on for a long time but im not going until this summer well bye everyone! (may go this month)

hey guys im back! i got accepted but i am not going cause i dont ahve enough... but i am writing a book i think what i am going to do is get my name out there by writing a childens book then i am going to fnish the book i am working on right now.
i was reading over my posts and i just realized i hve had this thing for about a year now in two months it wil be a year because in 2 (almost 1) weeks i am going to be 14!!! can you believe it!? oh and the bf i broke up with yea the is not dating anyone but sense i have broken up with him(in july 2009) he has gone out with my friend her friend and my other friend and he broke all of their hearts! i got him before he was the man whore lol

So, im back for the firs time in over a year. i am now fifteen and a freshman in high school, i just needed a place to post this sense ive been betrayed by my best friend who i thought was my sister, i trusted her with my life and i told her my DEEPEST SECRET!